Date: 28th December 2018
Master Yogi Chand arrived Chennai on 28th at 5.35 a.m, welcomed by  Sabum P.R. Radhakrishnan, President, Federation of Indian Taekwon-Do,  Sabum T. Saravanan, President, Taekwondo Dojang of Tamilnadu, Chennai,  Dr. T. Senthamarai Kannan, Secretary, Taekwon-Do Association of Kancheepuram . 
The Master class started 10.30 a.m.and was attended by participants from various states of India.  There were 50 participants for the master class and among them 30 Black Belts and 20 colour belt students.
The training session started with dynamic fun way of warming up, variety of sparring techniques, kicking combos using target pads, variety of kicking and counter techniques in sparring.
 Then Master started teaching Chon-ji tul to fourth Dan patterns and explained in detail the correct way of doing the tul techniques, creation of power in techniques, one step sparring, self defense techniques.
From starting to end of the session are entertained without any fatigue or pain.  Small kids to aged persons are motivated by the way of teaching by Master. Every one attended Master Class expressed their happiness about the training and appreciated us for organizing this Master Class.  All the techniques reached well to the students.
The session ended at 4.00 pm.
Late in the evening a dinner was organized with Master Yogi Chand and with International participants. Everyone enjoyed the delicious Indian food.
We would like to mention here the participation of Sabum Najmudeen Safi,  Sabum Laxman Basnet Sabum Radhakrishnan, Sabum Vijay Sayal for their wonderful performance and helped Master to conduct the seminar very effectively and motivated all the students through their performance.
We are thankful to International Taekwondo Federation, UK,  Grand Master Trevor Nicholls, Master David Lau for their support and guidance to conduct this Master Class in Chennai, India 
We are very thankful to Master Yogi Chand for his wonderful teaching and giving individual attention almost to all the participants which made them feel very happy and motivated.