26th 28th October 2018

This weekend (Friday 26th October Sunday 28th October 2018) saw over 1000 participants and officials, both local and overseas coming together for the Im Champion! 3.0: Malaysian Open Taekwon-Do Championship 2018 at the MPSJ Serdang Jaya Stadium, Selangor, MALAYSIA. This championship was the first championship organised by the newly established Independent National Organisation Group (INO Group) in Malaysia, Choi Jung Hwa ITF Malaysia (CJHITFM). The championship was hosted by Zest Martial Arts Academy (427 ITF Malaysia), a member organisation (MO #427) of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF).

The organizing chairman, Mr. Andy Low, together with the members of CJHITFM, Master Alamzah & Mr. Firdaus had managed to secure the first ever championship organised which is sanctioned by the ITF, the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia, and the Ministry of Education Malaysia. This would not be possible without the dedication, support, and leadership of Master Wai Tong LAU, David, (Master David Lau) who is also the Senior Master Instructor of Malaysia; the President of CJHITFM, Dato Paduka Setia Azmir Majid; and the CJHITFM Executive Committee.

With the above sanction and support, the host committee, Zest Martial Arts Academy then proceeded on the invitation and organization of the event. These 2 days championship included a total of over 1000 participants and officials from Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Hong Kong and China. 

The championship kick-started with weigh-in on Friday 26th October 2018 where on the same day, a pre-championship event was held. Master David Lau chaired and conducted a senior black belt promotion test in the evening at the championship venue.

On Saturday 27th October 2018, the tournament officially kick-started with pattern, team pattern and sparring for children below 15 years old. The events began at 8.30 am after a briefing to the umpires and officials and team managers from our Umpire and Official Leader, Master Hudson Tan from MO#508 and Mr. Wee from MO#451 from Johor, Malaysia and our technical chairman, Mr. Ivan Liew from the host committee MO#427. At 11.30 am a short and simple opening ceremony was graced by Master David Lau as the Guest-of-Honour. The opening ceremony began with our national anthem, the ITF student oath then followed by the speech from our VIP Guest, Organizing Chairman, Mr. Andy Low, Datuk Azmir the President of Choi Jung Hwa ITF Malaysia and Master David Lau, Senior Instructor of Malaysia. Events for day 1 resumed at 12.00 pm and concluded at about 7.30pm.

On Sunday 28th October 2018, 3rd degree black belt (female open) pattern event kick-started the championship for the day followed by 4th degree black belt (male open) pattern event. Todays event included, all black belts, as well as all color belts above the age of 15, for both pattern and sparring. The events ended at 5.30pm. A short closing ceremony was then held, with the presentation of souvenirs from our organizing committee to all supporting Academy and officials.

The championship is a unique one for its exceptional and unique atmosphere throughout the championship. With regards to the events, Master David Lau and other senior instructors from participating countries could be seen giving out medals to successful exponents as they were invited by the Jury Presidents to do the honour to foster better friendship. The participants could be seen cheering loudly on their teammates from the morning until the evening, all the whilst putting their hands together for the other teammates when they put up a good fight and sportsmanship. Furthermore, the championship also served as a place for reunion and meet up with fellow Taekwon-Do practitioners. Many people were seen hugging and offering words of gratitude to each other.

The organising committee is grateful for all the understanding and support shown by the participants and coaches in this event, the support of CJHITFM members in the organizing process as well as the guidance from our Senior Master Instructor, Master David Lau; CJHITFM President, and Dato Paduka Setia Azmir Majid. All whos contributions made this championship possible.

The organising chair, Mr Andy Low said It was an eye-opening championship as this is the largest championship, Ive had the honour of organising together with my fellow host committee members. Also, its my pleasure of having those onboard in making this championship a huge success! My sincere thanks to our Senior Master Instructor, Master David Lau; CJHITFM President, Dato Paduka Setia Azmir Majid; CJHITFM Executive Committee; Umpires; the Malaysian Red Crescent; coaches; and of course, all the exponents of this championship who make this championship possible.




I am Champion 3 Organising Committee