Grand Master Nicholls visits Switzerland 27th October 2017

We had the honor to greet Grand Master Trevor Nicholls at the airport in Zurich, Switzerland with a small delegation on Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 3.00 o''''clock pm.

After a short rest at the hotel, we got to know Grand Master Nicholls better during a traditional Swiss dinner in the restaurant and to enjoy such a great personality for the Taekwon-do sport. This was followed by a sightseeing tour along "Bahnhofstrasse" and "Lake Zurich" with coaches and students of the Swiss Taekwondo Union.

The seminar in Böttstein started with Dan promotion test on Sunday, October 28, 2011, at 9.30 am. 40 participants and participants of all ages and belt colors from Greece, Germany, England and 5 different schools in Switzerland  trained then from 11.00 o''''clock.

The seminar was divided into 3 parts, which took place in the morning and afternoon in succession. The first program item was a lecture by Grand Master Trevor Nicholls on the philosophy and personality in Taekwon-Do. Then participants worked on the basic techniques of Taekwon-Do and practicing in small groups, with Master Nicholls never leaving the participant''''s eyes and drawing attention to improvements with a practiced eye. In the afternoon, the main points were to train Tul and training for improve stretching and strength. Afterwards the participants were taught and practiced fight strategies by Master Agelos Soldatos. The seminar was ended by Grand Master Trevor Nicholls at 4.00 pm.

Everyone present, coaches, students and parents were enthusiastic, not only because of the honor we got with Grand Master Trevor Nicholls, but also because the Grand Master was a tremendous inspiration to all present. Unfortunately the time was too short, everybody would have liked to profit from the enormous knowledge of the Grand Master and to learn a lot longer, but already the Grand Master left us by plane on Sunday evening at 19.00 o''''clock.

The president of the Swiss Takwon-Do Union and organizer of this seminar, Ali Shahidi, would like to thank Grandmaster Trevor Nicholls for the visit in Switzerland and the seminar. It was a great honor for the students of his association and also for ITF Switzerland to be able to carry out such a seminar with the Grand Master.

By the success of the seminar and the consistently positive feedback, the Swiss Taekwon-Do Union plans to hold another seminar in September 2019 with Grand Master Trevor Nicholls in Switzerland. The exact date will be determined on the  Taekwon-Do Swiss open  announced on Saturday, November 24, 2018. The goal of this early announcement is that more trainers and students can take the opportunity to train with the Grand Master Trevor Nicholls and attend the seminar.

Written by: Suisse Taekwon-Do Union - 10th November 2018