On Sunday 19 of November 2017, the Federation ITF- Peru (INO 255) conducted its XVII National Tournament in the city of Miraflores - Lima (capital of Peru).
The event was held in The  Reparacion School -Miraflores with competitors from 2 years of age, from 20 different schools , universities and dojangs of the region North, Center and South of Peru. 
This event was conducted with the participation of the Argentine instructors, Alejrando Chaviel and Enmanuel Florencio.  ITF TAO from Argentina, the Universidad Cesar Vallejo, the Asociación de Taekwon-do los Delfines del Sur, the Asociación Yomchi de Chiclayo, the Colegio Reparación, the Cadena de Gimnasios Dr Gym, the Museo Andres del Castillo, the Colegio Mi Sagrado Corazon de Jesus, the Colegio San Basilio, the Colegio Assiri, the Colegio Laurence Kohlberg, the Academia ITF de Breña, the Colegio Star Learning from Chiclayo, the Colegio Rockefeller, the Colegio Creciendo Juntos, the Colegio Yochien, the Colegio Marianista, the Colegio Mi Divino Niño de Jesus, The Colegio Santísima Virgen del Carmen, the Academia Petit GYM and Moy Gym. 
The Tournament was organized by INO 255 with the help of the instructors Juan Ramos Travi, Carlessi Cotrina, Manuel Avila, Yuri Romero, Busabumnim Cesar Travi Inglessi, Fabian Eche, Pool Kubelka, Luis Aliaga, Ahalya Espinoza, Wethney Guzman,Alonso Canales, Ramses Parra, the coach Anisol Capuñay Sheyla Pedraza and Camila Ramirez.
I take this opportunity to thank the organizing committee, and all the other board members, juries, judges and referees and our sponsors Dr GYM, and Kinder Yochien to make this championship a grand success and a truly memorable one.
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