Monday, 23 October, 2017 saw the arrival of Grand Master Trevor Nicholls (Vice-president and Secretary General of the ITF) in Toronto, Canada.

It was a significant visit for Denis Magua to have his Instructor generously come out in line with the one-year anniversary of the Magua Taekwon-Do School’s full time Dojang in Toronto. To have GM Nicholls here on this occasion was very important because a student always welcomes his Master’s blessing.

GM Nicholls was greeted at the airport by Mr. Magua and his student, Albert Chan, in the late afternoon.

They headed directly to the dojang, fighting rush hour traffic, where students and parents eagerly awaited their arrival. Students of all ages were there to welcome GM Nicholls. After a brief introduction by Mr. Magua, GM Nicholls spoke to the students about some interesting topics on training, dojang life and etiquette, and the student/instructor relationship. Following this GM Nicholls presented Mr. Magua with his new belt. Although he was promoted earlier in the year it is traditional to await presentation of a new degree belt from your instructor. This was a well-received and appreciated gift. The students were then in for a treat. GM Nicholls headed up the class and delivered a session that all ages and levels could benefit from. The students were run through fundamental movements, application and correct use of body mechanics to deliver maximum power in every blow. Everybody went away with a lot of knowledge gained, and wet doboks, to boot. Following the training session was a bit of Q&A. GM Nicholls answered a variety of questions from the students. Once done, there was a bit of socialising with the Grand Master over snacks and drinks. After that, it was time for a late hotel check-in, dinner and some fantastic catching up.


Tuesday was an early morning starting with a hearty breakfast and straight into Taekwon-Do business. Around mid-day it was off to the Dojang, once again, for a personal training session for Mr. Magua with GM Nicholls. Tong -Il was covered in detail, as well as polishing the details in So-san and Se-Jong. It was a beautiful time absorbing knowledge from the best in the game. GM Nicholls keen eye for detail allowed for correction and much was learnt by Mr. Magua. The afternoon called for more Taekwon-Do business and then a rare opportunity - a small and personal dinner with Pres. Choi Jung Hwa, GM Nicholls and GM Han Sam Soo. Mr. Magua was privileged enough to be invited to this dinner. It was a huge honour for him to be among these Grand Masters and witness the close bond between them – a true Taekwon-Do family. Much was discussed and the importance of the “DO” was emphasised. There is no doubt that the ITF under Pres. Choi’s leadership is the place to be. Although it was a dinner, Mr. Magua left feeling like he had learnt an abundance of new lessons about etiquette and the “way”.


Wednesday morning was more in the way of Taekwon-Do business and then an opportunity to show GM Nicholls some of the beautiful scenes in Downtown, Toronto. A walk around town, a trip up the CN Tower, a stroll by the waterfront and a home cooked meal by Mrs. Magua. It was a wonderful time for simpler Taekwon-Do-talk and personal discussions.

It is always difficult to say goodbye’s, and the time arrived sooner than was wanted. The all too quick airport drop-off and just like that, it was over. The brief in-out visit was jam packed and full advantage was taken of the time spent with GM Nicholls. His trip out to Toronto to support his student shows his generosity and type of person he is – a true grand master. The trip was very much appreciated and enjoyed by all that encountered GM Nicholls. Every effort will be made to have him back out soon.