On 2 and 3 June, the AETI (ITF Spain) was attended by the Master José Maidana VIII Dan, member of the ITF Tournament Committee and ITF Secretary of Argentina.


On Friday 2, an grading for Black belts was held at the Spartae Dojang  where after more than three hours of theoretical, written and practical; The candidates obtained their new graduation: Leonardo Monreal for V Dan, Fátima Diaz and Joel Villanueva for III Dan and Jonathan Bernadet for II Dan. A demanding examination, which shows the importance of these promotions.


Master Maidana highlighted the work of the aspirants and highlighted some aspects that should be further improved, based on a more comprehensive knowledge of the technique.


The next day, Saturday 3, at the same Spartae Dojang, a Master Class was held where Master Fernando Pérez, President of the ITF Spain, introduce Master Maidana to the more than 30 practitioners who were part of it.


Among them, we highlight the Senior Instructors Leonardo Monreal V Dan, Christian Justicia IV Dan and Alejandro Rosas IV Dan.


For 3 hours, we talked about procedure and protocol, worked with fundamental movements and Tuls and finally, performed a work of combat exercises, emphasizing the work of distance.


The delivery of all participants was total, despite the high temperature of the day, captivated from the minute 1 with the knowledge of Master Maidana. There were several consultations during the Master Class and all were solved by the Master Maidana, which overturned all their experience in each technique and exercise.


To finish the day, was presented to all who took part of this Master class, a certificate signed by Master Maidana, the official photo was made and there was a meal of camaraderie.


The AETI and ITF Spain are grateful for the presence of the Master José Maidana in Barcelona and values ​​their teachings that will surely serve to continue working on the path of technical improvement.