The ITF is Growing and Getting Stronger than Ever

Congratulations to Grand Master Galarraga, Argentina, and the rest of South America for all the work they have done to grow the ITF.  This past weekend April 7, 8, and 9 they brought together over 700 black belts to join an International Instructor Course and Umpire Course.  They then added a Master Class which brought around 1000 participants together.  It was a great event which was held in honor of the 50 year celebration of ITF Taekwon-Do in Argentina and the 62nd year of ITF history.  The event was supported by ITF President Choi, Jung Hwa; Vice President Trevor Nichols; Special Assistant to the President Parm Rai; daughter of the President, Jasmine Choi; and Public Relations Chris Jung. 

Also in attendance were Taekwon-Do pioneers Grand Master JC Kim, and Grand Master Han Chang Kim.  JC Kim was one of the first pioneers who began teaching in 1957, and was instrumental in spreading Taekwon-do around the world. Grand Master Han Chang Kim was the pioneer that introduced Taekwon-Do to Argentina in 1967; he shared that it is wonderful to see Taekwon-Do so strong.  There were many South American countries, including: Argentina, Brazil, Chili, Paraguay, Uruguay, and others.  North America was represented by the USA and Canada. 

The weekend included a meeting with the Ministry of Sports helping Argentina ITF become a recognized sport by the government.  It was a historic meeting which is one of the beginning steps getting the ITF recognized by the Olympic Committee as its own event.  The weekend ended with the celebration dinner and party where glasses were held high in honor of Taekwon-Do. 

Phoenix Group