On Saturday February 4th German-ITF held a one day Master Class with GM Trevor Nicholls.

The event was supported by students from England, Czech Republic, Ireland, Spain, Slovenia,  Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Albania, Poland  and Germany.

The day started with the introduction of the Masters who were present (Master Steve Zondag, Master Antonio and Maurizio Troiano, Master Željko Gvozdič,  Master Jan Nycek, Master Henk Zondsvelt ).

The first part of the Master Class was dedicated to sparring technique and combinations working from single to multiple attacks and countering techniques. The students had great fun during this part of the seminar and their fitness was tested by the number of repetitions of the many techniques shown by GM Nicholls.

After a short break for some refreshments the second part of the day was dedicated to power and breaking techniques. Firstly the students were shown the correct techniques and than they were encouraged to practice firstly on kick shields and than on breaking boards. Again there were lots of smiling faces and encouragement from the Masters.

The third and final part of the day was black belt patterns practice. GM Nicholls assisted by the other senior grades and Masters took the different degrees to work on the relevant patterns. To bring the class to a close GM Nicholls brought the participants from 6th degree Tong-Il down trough the patterns 5th,4th,3rd,2nd and 1st degree patterns all the way to Do-San.

To end the day GM Nicholls announced the promotions of Roland Jensen (German-ITF) to 4th degree and two new Masters were announced Master Hennie Thijssen 7th degree (Holland) and Master Ari Caushi 7th degree (Albania).

The participants on the day left the training hall very tired but with happy faces and lots of new information and ideas from their time spent with a very inspiring Grandmaster.