7th Master Class Seminar in Peru - Master Rai 
Master Rai landed in Lima Peru 11 June after At 1:00 am He was greeted by Mr. Travi  (president of the INO 255) and Mr. Javier Vila  to take him to his respective accommodations.

The next day at morning was schedule grade testing for sixth degree for Mr. Travi and Mr. Avila.  The test included Patterns, Sparring, breaking, Mobun matsogi and theory, and they performed all.

The seminar  was supported with participants from north ,centre and south of Peru .  The seminar was conducted in YMCA club in Lima - Peru , At this time Master Rai awarded the promotion to Mr. Travi and to Mr. Avila to sixth Degree. 

Master Rai presented Mr. Travi, Mr Avila and Mr Carlessi the achievement Award for their continued work in Peru, promoting and teaching Taekwon-Do.

Among the group of attendees, there were students from 9 th kup up to 6 degree.  The seminar included topics such as fundamentals, sign wave, the development of power, and patterns.

After the seminar Master Rai visited  Peru''''s Government Palace, the Congress of the Republic and the historic center of Lima.  On Monday night Master Rai returned to Canada.

We would like to thank Master Parm Rai for making this long trip and sharing a wealth of knowledge with all of us and for taking time out from his busy schedule.

Master Rai  gave a perfect seminar and everyone delighted with his technical performance and for anyone who has the opportunity to attend a Seminar conducted by Master Rai, we highly recommend it.   Thank you to Mr Fernando Martinez for his vital support as a translator at the seminar..

We are grateful to Master Choi Jung Hwa and Master Parm Rai  for their  continued support to the spread of Taekwon-do ITF in Peru.

Thank  you  all  for  participating, they  made this event a true success in Peru.

We look forward to the next time.
Written by: ANT ITF PERU