The 4th ITF Taekwon-Do Seminar was organized by Chittagong Taekwon-Do (ITF) association ,taking permission of  Taekwon-Do Foundation , Bangladesh on last 15th April 2016. The seminar was inaugurated by Mr. Md. Mahbub Ali, a businessman ,social worker , Sports loven after reciting from Hoy Quran and our National song. In that seminar, Mr Md. Salauddin   Aziz, Honorable chairman, No, sitakund ,Chittagong a businessman ,social worker , Sports supporter  was present as a chief guest . Mr.Md. Muktar Hussain, Foundation President & chief instructor of “Taekwon-Do Foundation” of Bangladesh, was present as the chief Lecturer of the seminar, besides, there were many important presence, They were the president and chief instructor of showin Kungfu sir Mongchongi, president & chief instructor of kick fighter Academy  M.A Roni. Assistant instructor of Nagamin –Md. Suleiman , Assistant instructor of chittagong USHU academy Md. Faisa, Director of Anowara Taekwon-Do association –Md. Mohsin ali . that program was organizer by Mr. Md. Ali Akber, president & Instructor of Chittagong Taekwon-Do(ITF) Association, who participated in Taekwon-Do in different countries, like Asia, Europe. India, Nepal, Malaysia, Romania and brought much fame for Bangladesh.

Mr. Md Yousuf,( Executive Member of Chittagong Sports Organization) and general secretary of Karate committee ,Chittagong) was present in that seminar, He said in his lecture, “ Today’s Seminar and the chidren of chittagong who are engaged with (ITF) Taekwon-Do have  brought much fame for our country and nation.  As a result, our children are going ahead to the development.
There is an International Martial art Name Taekwon-Do which was dispayed theoretical & practically in front of us by Mr. Md. Muktar Hussain ,IV Dan (ITF) ,  Foundation President & chief instructor of “Taekwon-Do Foundation” of Bangladesh. I congratulate him on behalf on our Sports organization is working for Martial art , Taekwon-Do is one of the popular martia art Sport a over the world, There are  several division of Martia art , such- Karate, Kung-fu ,Ushu Showlin, Taekwon-Do, ITF/WTF, ITF also divided in three parts in this world, So what? Isn’t if possible to be improved of Martia art ? It must be; Now our present government has determined to improve a sports including Martial art and also giving assistance  , We also help to improve(ITF) from our Sports organization, He aso told that Taekwon-Do(ITF) will get chance to a events organized by chittagong Sports Organization.At last , I think  Taekwon-Do Sports will improve our nation.

Written by: Md. Muktar Hussain
President Of “Taekwon-Do Foundation” Bangladesh