Taekwon-Do South Africa held its Elite National Championships on Saturday the 5th of March 2016. The Scot Gymnasium at Wits Education Campus in Parktown Johannesburg came alive with some spirited competition.

Magua Taekwon-Do Centres hosted the tournament. The day began with the adult black belt divisions which saw some great skill and a great preparation platform for the World Championships in England in July. It was then the turn of the younger competitors ranging from five to twelve years old. There was some great spirit and talent shown with the future generation. The Teenage and adult  novice and Intermediate divisions then took place in the afternoon, also showcasing some excellent Taekwon-Do skills.

The Sparring divisions Repochage bracketing  allowing for a “losers pool” so if one went out in the first round they still had a chance to make their way to a medal. This took a bit more time than the regular fomat, but was well worth it, as it allows a truer reflection of medal winners and proved that on the day.

The organisers want to thank everyone who competed, umpired and assisted on the day. All of you made this day a great success for our organisation.

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