Hello Serena, tell us about you and your dream: Africa.

My name is Serena Killers are a c.n. III Dan Taekwon-Do ITF proud to belong to the ITF ITALY Choi Jung Hwa Organization. TKD although it is the thing that takes me as a child is not my only passion there is another: Africa. This year, some will say miraculously, I made in part to reconcile, but it was not a miracle has been only the good will of some members of my organization who espoused the cause and made them the "SPORT & SOLIDARITY slogans" . I hope it is just the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship because if there''s one thing that makes me proud and which distinguishes the ITF TAEKWON-DO ITALY the other is being a big family and not wanting to enrich the backs of affiliates but only to give way to them the opportunity to grow and have fun together. Something very similar applies to the NPO to which I belong: SMILE ACTION Here nothing is for profit, who keeps her feet and those who work with love and dedication every day is just a group of young volunteers, in addition to not earn anything you pay from his own pocket travel without thinking of a cent on donations that are meant entirely to our children. The African project (because there are others also ACTION SMILE Onlus in Italy) is nothing less than a village where they are greeted children fatherless and mother. We called it the smile village and was built in the rural Devego poor area that is half an hour''s drive from the Togo capital Lome. Currently it houses 33 children to whom we were able to ensure the school enrollment, medical care, a bed to sleep and 5 meals a day, plus lots of entertainment such as a huge open space where to play because it is a sacred right play children especially when you consider that most of them before they were forced to live in the street begging. I was lucky this January to live 15 days with them and I assure you that they were very happy to see my Taekwon-Do, did nothing but ask me all the time so when I asked him to make this picture did not hesitate a moment and they had fun. I promised myself that if I return there for a longer period shall teach them Taekwon-Do and I''m ready to bet it will be great and beautiful clothes all with their Dobok

Everyone has their own economic difficulties and materials but be aware that even a small gesture can make a difference in a place where you do not get electricity or running water. We speak of 33 innocent children, and many others who expect to be welcomed, whose only "fault" is that they were born from the unfortunate part of the world, if you want to make a small contribution to the cause you know, I give you my word, not a single euro will go to waste. Taekwon at all!

Serena, Thanks for Everything, from the ITF Italy, but above all thanks for what you do for these children less fortunate.