On 19, 20 and 21 November, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) hosted the III Open ITF Cup.

The tournament joined 315 competitors from 10 countries (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Canada, USA, Netherlands, Ireland and Spain).

The event's organization was in charge of the ITF and was directed by Grand Master Nestor Galarraga, Chairman of ITF Tournament and Umpire Committee.

The stage of this impressive event was the Tijuca Tennis Club, currently regarded as one of the tops and best-equipped stadium in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

The first day was dedicated to receiving delegations, registration of athletes, accreditation and weighing held at the luxurious Othon Palace Hotel, in Copacabana, where there were also meetings of referees and coaches.

The second day was dedicated to GUP disputes, the modalities Individual Pattern and Sparring. The energy created by the harmony, excellent understanding and friendship between the leaders, masters, teachers, referees, trainers and athletes, allowed everything to flow smoothly and evenly.

At night was held a special meeting at Othon Palace Hotel with the leaders of the America countries, attending Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Uruguay, Chile, United States and as special guest, Spain.

The third day was composed of DAN disputes, in junior, adult and senior categories in Pattern (Individual and team) and Sparring (individual and team).

In addition to the individual finals of sparring, we would like to highlight the female pattern team''''s final between Canada and Argentina, resulting in the Canadian victory, and the men''''s sparring team''''s final, between Brazil (ITFBRASIL) and Argentina, resulting in victory Brazilians for 3 X 2.

The final score by countries was:

1)      Argentina

2)      Brazil

3)      Canada

4)      Uruguai

At the end of the World Cup, Canada leaded by Master Michel Demers was awarded with the World Cup, considering the proportionality of competitors and seizing the moment it was announced Canada as host of the next Pan American Championship in 2017.

See you in England at the World Championship 2016 !!!


Master Edimir Kawakubo

III World Cup Organizing Committee