The Friday, October 9, 2015 at 9:00 am Arrival in our country Master Parm Rai VIII Dan, Personal Assistant Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa and Chairman of the Technical Committee of the International Taekwondo Federation, was met at the Simon Bolivar International Airport in Maiquetia state Vargas, by the president of the ITF Venezuela Lic. Jonathan Escobar and Bo Sabum Nim Hasan Hamdan, immediately moved to Caracas, where they invited Master Rai to enjoy a traditional breakfast.

Followed by coffee break a working meeting with the instructors of the school, where Master Rai instructed how to conduct the training and explained in detail TaekwonDo cycle was performed; He was made to the Master Rai, a brief summary of the activities of the ITF Venezuela, receiving Master Rai your comments and advice on the matter; The meeting culminated and Master Parm Rai Hotel was conveyed to his hotel located in the Urb. Paraíso.

By early evening the ITF Venezuela invite Master Rai, instructors and students at a dinner at the "ANTIGUA" restaurant located in the dining area of ​​the urb. Las Mercedes Caracas where they could taste gourmet dishes of Mediterranean cuisine in a relaxed and warm atmosphere, ideal for Master Rai share all those experiences of TaekwonDo.

The Saturday October 10 at 08:30 am began the seminar with words of welcome and appreciation of Venezuela ITF President Lic. Jonathan Escobar to Master Rai, for the realization of this important event, followed by words that Master Rai and initiated; the class was focused on the fundamental movements, exercises to strengthen the body and techniques to improve strength and power movements in tuls, making corrections for 9 Kup to 2 Kup and I Dan, highlighting the importance of the same in the Tae Kwon Do; to finish the seminar Master Parm Rai explained extensively the importance of "DO" in the life of every practitioner of Taekwon Do, exalted morals and honor to have this beautiful martial art which differentiates it from others, followed this I talk to all parents and representative reflection of how doing Taekwon Do impacts in a positive way in the family and thanked the unconditional support of this martial art, then it took a group photo with all the students and attendees representative.

After the seminar Master Rai performed the test for adolescents and adults for I, II and IV grade, where the president of the ITF Venezuela Jonathan Escobar and Juan De Sousa interpreter were present; students who performed their test Manuel Martinez, Hasan Hamdan, Rafael Angel, Marlon and Milagros Linares Cova; Tuls evaluated, self defense, theory, fighting and breaking the seminar lasted 8 hours and extended testing for 2 hours more.

The ITF Venezuela  instructors invited  Master Rai to a dinner  of Creole food plains where they shared experiences of Taekwon-Do and tasted good food.

Early Sunday October 11th ITF Venezuela president  and instructors accompanied Master Parm Rai to the airport to return to Canada.

The seminar was organized by the ITF Venezuela MO # 499 and was held in the Urb. Montalban, Caracas Venezuela.

The ITF Venezuela wish to thank, once again, the International Taekwondo Federation President, Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, and Master Parm Rai for the realization of this master class, for all the support they provide to our organization and the dissemination of Taekwon-Do throughout South America.

We wish to reiterate our thanks to Master Rai for all the guidance and teaching dedication conveyed during his visit its simplicity and moral principles are worthy example to follow for our students.

Thanks to everyone who made this event possible leaving high school and our country.


Lic. Jonathan Escobar

President ITF Venezuela