The Federal Sport Commission, which holds various sports, federations and Associations under its umbrella, awards prizes to athletes and TKD masters last 19/06/2014.  It is reportedly expressed in the occasion that the award would be promoting and encouraging to ETA athletes.

The FDRE  Sport Commission has been awarding monetary and other types of prizes for marry  athletes who represented their country in the international long and middle distance running competitions.  However, the monetary prize now award to the ETA TKD athletes and master is the first ever in the history of Ethiopia. The commendation awards 8 ITF TKD athletes who represented their country and scored good results in the international competitions better than other martial arts disciplines practiced in the country. Another prize winner in instructor category is Master Kiros G/meskel, who is named in the occasion as the best TKD instructor for his achievements  in producing a great deal of ITF TKD athletes as well as his incessant efforts for the establishment and remarkable growth of Ethiopian Taekwon-do Association.  ETA is a national TKD Association organized and existing under the applicable lows of FDRE formed with a great effort of Master Kiros G/meskel and his colleagues. New Africa’s biggest Association, ETA  has gathered more then 144 clubs with 1500 black belts and 23.000 color belt active members, practicing the art of TKD ITF all over the country. for the Ethiopian long and middle distance athletes are best known in the worlds athletics podium, ETA has also been striving to produce competent TKD athletes who can represent the country in the world championship ETA has also been working jointly with original International Taekwon-do Federation and great masters of ITF TKD all over the world for the betterment of TKD activity  throughout the country.

ETA''''s  competitors have been participated  at various international TKD competition such as South Korea participation. In Spain got medal  and in India resulted medals and certificate. Thus, the FDRE sport commission gives monetary prizes for 8  ETA athletes  and Master Kiros it is reportedly said on the award giving occasion that Master Kiros G/meskel is awarded for his invaluable contributions for the expansion of  ITF  TKD throughout the country. It is also said Master Kiros achievements in producing more than 200 competent TKD instructors was splendid the remarkable results he scored with his team in the international competitions podium. As well as his active participations in the international ITF seminars that teach other country and get experience from the Masters and Grand Masters give the country good image. It is mentioned that the award signifies ETA is now not only the best ITF TKD Association but the best Association  of all martial arts  Association in the country.