On March 1st 2014 German-ITF had a special honour. Under the direction of Michael Flaherty VI degree from the ITF Ireland  participants of Chang Hun Dortmund, of Schwarzgurtschule Recklinghausen, of Jungshin  Bochum, of So-San Znojmo (CZ) could take part in a Tul and technique seminar. Michael Flaherty VI degree,  Frantisek Macek IV degree and Gerard Galinski IV. degree successfully conducted a degree testing of Yannic and Dominic Schwenkmeier already in the morning. Sharp at 1 o`clock p.m the seminar started.

After an efficient warm-up, supervised by Jana Galinski IV degree (who additionally interpreted the complete event),  Michael Flaherty turned his main attention on correct execution of 4 different foot-techniques. Participants of all age- and kup-groups ran around the hall in the techniques. Michael Flaherty VI Dan, Gerard Galinski IV Dan, and Frantisek Macek IV Dan, went through the lines correcting the participants. Afterwards the participants were grouped, and kick-methods were tried at pads.

After this sudatory unit, fun should not be missed out. Some of the participants formed a pad-tunnel, which had to be passed by the others, first using foot-technique and then fists. This was a pleasure especially for our junior participants. After a 30-minutes brake, used to relax, restore, and small talk, training proceeded with a slightly unusual FOOTTUL. Warmed up again, and with this interesting experience, all participants were coached in classic Tul-running. After 4 hours intensive, informative and well organized seminar all participants went home happy, physically exhausted, however, with a lot of new impressions.

Gerard Galinski

President German-ITF