Taekwon-Do Deutschland
invited Master Glenn Horan 7th Degree from the UK ITF to conduct a
Technical Training only for the Black Belts of our Organisation. On
Friday 13th of June he and his student Mr. Mike Owen was picked up at
the airport by the President Olaf Brämer.
They had a relaxing day with some visit of some points of interest and
in the evening Master Horan conducted a one hour training session at the
Dojang of Yoo-Sin e.V.. All the students were very excited about the lessons.

On saturday the training started at 10.00 in the morning and over 25
Black Belts from 1st to 6th degree attended. They went straight into
patterns from Chon Ji to Tong Il. Remarkable parts of the patterns has
been explained in detail. At 13.00 they had a rest of 30 minutes and
then they went into 3, 2 and 1 step sparring followed semi free sparring
and model sparring. They ended up with self defense and some defense
techniques while sitting or lying. After seven hours of training, mental
and physically, everybody was exhausted but very happy. After the
seminar some were invited for a BBQ at the presidents home. This was
like a BBQ with the family and everybody enjoyed the food.
We want
to express our thanks to Master Horan for this great Training and to all
Black Belts and Instructors who attend the training and supported us.
We hope to have a great day like this in the near future again.