On March 20th and 21st, delegates starting arriving for the International Instructors Course to be held in Mississauga, Canada.

Black belts from Argentina, England, United States, Wales, Ethiopia, Germany, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Australia and Canada all arrived and were checked in at the Novotel Hotel and convention centre.

Incidentally this was the place where Gen. Choi conducted his last seminar in Canada.

President Choi arrived on Friday and was in great spirit encouraging members to come to his room for conversation and meetings.

On Friday night, Grandmaster Han, Grandmaster Lee, Pres. Choi and other dignitaries were taken to a Korean restaurant for dinner which was enjoyed by all.

On Saturday March 22 the seminar started at 8:30am with over 140 participants.  After a welcoming speech, Master Rai started to warm up the class before getting into drill exercises.  Emphasis was put on how to generate power utilizing the sine wave and body mass.

After a few hours, Master Kiros from Ethiopia conducted more hand and foot drills which everyone enjoyed.

We all then broke for lunch and resumed the training with Master Galarraga from Argentina going through the famous Argentinian foot work and the use of hand and foot combinations.

After a short break, Tul training started and everyone was put through performing various Tuls.  Pres. Choi emphasized the correct way of performing the movements and the importance of performing the movements with full power.  All the masters present assisted with the black belts correcting technique as it was performed.

The session ended with everyone in exhaustion.

A senior grading was then conducted with a grading panel consisting of Master Maidana, Master Galarraga, Master Nicholls, Master Weatley and Master Demers.

Mr. Spiro Cariotis from Australia, Mr. Chris Reid from Canada and Mr. Horan tested for their 7th degree, Mr. Kevin McCabe tested for his 6th degree, Mr. Lau tested for his 4th degree and Mr. To tested for his 1st degree.

After the grading was complete, everyone was ready for the 48th Birthday Celebration of ITF banquet.

Special guest of honour, Madame Choi arrived in a black limousine with her daughter Sunny Choi and Jasmine Choi, daughter of Pres. Choi.  They were greeted with flowers and taken to the banquet where they received a standing ovation.

The banquet was full with over 170 guests. The head table was introduced and the dignitaries proceeded to the dance floor where a cake cutting ceremony was performed.

A Korean Cultural performance was performed and the banquet was commenced. Pres. Choi made a beautiful speech welcoming everyone and expressing the true spirit of Taekwon-Do comes from everyone. The dinner was served and presentations were made.

Mr. Reid, Mr. Cariotis and Mr. Horan were announced by the Secretary of ITF, Master Nicholls as promoted to 7th Degree Master Instructors.

Shortly after a presentation was made by Master Choi announcing Master Rai as 8th Degree Black Belt.

The dancing started and everyone was ready to celebrate.

On Sunday the following day the seminar commenced at 9:30am. Master Galarraga amazed everyone with his self defence techniques and pad work.

Grand Master gave a magnificent speech on the tenets of Taekwon-Do and the importance of living by them.

The seminar ended and everyone was given the opportunity to meet Master Choi and the Grandmasters for autographs.

In all, it was an amazing weekend with many friendships strengthened and new ones made.

A thank you goes out to everyone who came and supported the event. Special thank you to Madame Choi, mother of Taekwon-Do who graced us with her presence; Grand Master Choi for all the work he does for ITF and continuing his fathers legacy.

Special thank you also to Grand Master Han Sam Soo and Grand Master Lee YooSin who traveled to Toronto and shared their many Taekwon-Do stories and experiences.

Thank you to all the Master Nicholls, Master Weatley, Master Galarraga, Master Maidana, Master kiros, Master Crochett, Master Jue, Master Batch, Master Risko, Master Demers, Master Reid, Master Horan, Master Cariotis, Master Kim and instructors who assisted throughout the seminar.

Master Rai will host the 60th Birthday celebration of Taekwon-Do and IIC course on April 11 2015 in Toronto Canada.  This event will be one not to be missed.