He had a great outcome , as our instructor participated in the fighting category
-Senior , after the formation of this key that I place against our competitor
5 give instructor . Mr. Manual Avila, who in a close bout three minutes left to
tie , and after 2 minutes of combat , the Chilean Sabunim , gets through to the end of the
For the other key , the senior local Sabunim five faced dan, Gustavo Noriega Canadian
who in a disputed bout, gets through to the end of the category.
The end is very well led by Francisco Fernandez Sabumnim , handling correctly
Time to get clear points to the face and an excellent left descending
anchored on the shoulder of another competitor.
After a 3-minute assault , and bringing up a good fight, the Sabunim of Fetachi -chile ,
manages to keep the 1 place in international competition .
This important achievement demonstrates that when the courage and clarity go together ,
We can get these beautiful triumphs.
How did you feel fighting , we asked Sabunim Francisco?
R : really well , was very focused and psyched came to give this win to my
wife and daughter. He was in good physical condition , but it was my conviction and earn more . M e
I felt fast, precise and punchy .
How was it received by the present triumph ?
R. actually , one of the beautiful features of ITF , and here is the camaraderie was noted
this completely . We all enjoyed it to how well each of the competitors. as
staff received very good feedback from the people who were there, as my Coch .
Anything else to add Sabunim ?
R. continue moving mountains , the evidence gives us the victory .
My love and my dedication to my family. Wife and daughter.
Taekwon !
Taekwon-Do ITF FETACHI Chile.