The event was held at the Coliseum Reparacion - Miraflores and counted with the support of the museum Andres del Castillo, Dr Gym and competed participants from Canada,Chile,Colombia,Cuba y Peru.

The championship was organized by the instructors of the
Asociacion Nacional de Taekwon-do ITF del Peru under the leadership of sabunnim Manuel Avila Arias V degree,sabumnim Carlessi Cotrina IV,sabumnim Juan Ramos Travi V degree and the help of the black belts of the ANT-ITF-PERU.

After the competition, visitors could visit the museum Andres del Castillo,the metropolitan museum,government palace,Legends Park Peru,circuit the magical waters of Lima,San Bartolo beaches south of the Capital and the Port of Callao,On Sunday 23 day at night the sabumnim Juan Ramos Travi organize a banquet of Peruvian food at home for all competitors

This tournament was characterized by the high level of camaraderie among the participants countries and the strength, courage, and respect demonstrated by the competitors representing their countries

I take this opportunity to thank the participation
of  adults delegation of Colombia, (Asociacion de Taekwon-do ITF de la Republica de Colombia) FETACHI from CHILE,CUBA Y CANADA also thank the organizing committee and all the other board members, juries, judges , referees and ,peruvians instructor to make this championship a grand success and a truly memorable one.

Our next event is on 8th JUNE 2014. LIMA-PERU Master Parm
Rai-Seminar ITF Sanctioned Event
Written by: ANT-ITF-PERU - 4th March 2014