On 11th-12th of January 2014, already the 6th Master Class was held in Znojmo, Czech republic. We were honoured that, like in the past 5 years, the Master Class was conducted by ITF Secretary General „SAULABI“ Master Trevor Nicholls, VIII. Dan from London, UK.

This event was organized by the management of Czech ITF Taekwon-Do Association.


On Saturday 11th of January at the Vienna airport, Master Trevor Nicolls VIII.Dan accompanied by Sarah Harris VI.Dan a Vicky Hart III.Dan, were welcomed by Jan Prochazka and all together continued their way to Znojmo. Master Nicholls just returned from his journey to Malaysia (http://www.itf-administration.com/articles.asp?arturn=3790) When arrived in Znojmo, Master Nicholls and his accompany joined celebratory lunch held by the occasion of christening young Eliska, the daughter of Frantisek and Kveta Mackovych, who lead the Znojmo Taekwon-Do school already for 23 years. The christening ceremony led by Monsignor Jindrich Bartos took place in St. Nicholaus Church at 11AM under and next to the family, Taekwo-Do students also the whole German group of close Taekwon-Do friends were present. Allow me to mention that in 2012, at the marriage of Frantisek and Kveta in the same Church, the President of ITF Grand  Master Choi Jung Hwa IX.Dan, was the witness of the bride. (http://www.itf-czech.cz/content/view/358/1/)

Later on that day according to the plan, from 5PM, in Dojang in Primary school JUDr. J. Marese,  exams for black belts started under the leading of Master Nicholls, with help of Missis Harris VIDan and Mr. Macek IV.Dan. All the exams took about 4 hours and were only for short time interrupted by visit of President of Polish taekwon-Do Mr. Jan Nycek VI.Dan. At 9PM after successful concluding of the exam, every person present went home to draw forces for upcoming Master Class. At the dinner, organized by Czech Taekwon-Do ITF, Master Nicholls was informed about the plan of Czech Association but also introduced the plan of ITF.


On Sunday, the 12th of January, at 10AM, Master Nicholls VIII.Dan entered the Dojang. To master Nicholls were introduced representatives from Germany Gerard Galinski III.Dan, from Austria Richard Frank VI.Dan and from Uzbekistan Botirjon Bohodirov IV.Dan. Right after official begin, Richard Frank VI.Dan arranged for warm up. In the first part of the seminar Apcha Chagi in movement was thoroughly trained and practiced on pads. As next, two punches were trained in the movement and on pads and then double blocks were trained in the same way. The first part was concluded with training of Naero Chagi. The second part of the session, started with practicing of kicks on upper part of the body. Master Nicholls explained in detail the purpose and the way of proper practice of kicks in patterns. This took us some time but finally this knowledge moved many students step forward. There was also time to practice blocking techniques with legs of course also in pairs on laps. Finally, one person from each country had opportunity to conduct short 5 to 10 minutes training. So we joined training with Sarah Harris VI.Dan from England, with Richard Frank VI.Dan from Austria, with Botirjon Bohodirov IV.Dan from Uzbekistan, with Gérad Galinski III.Dan from Germany and with Frantisek Macek IV.Dan from Czech republic.

At 2PM, Master Nicholls summarized what we have learned on this day and answered all questions from individual students. Finally Master Nicholls officially presented results of Black belt exams, thanked all for joining the Master Class said goodbye to everyone and leaved to Vienna to get his plane to London.


We would like to thank Master Nicholls for coming to Znojmo and conducting the Master Class. We appreciate his support and we esteem sharing his knowledge and experience. We are proud to be part of original Taekwon-Do ITF represented by Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa. 


We thank everyone for coming and look forward to seeing you in Znojmo on the 7th Seminar with Master Nicholls on 10th of January in 2015.




František Macek IV.Dan

President of Czech Taekwon-Do I.T.F. Association



PS: After the Master Class, we had pleasure to train together with the team from Uzbekistan for the next two weeks, as they extended their stay in Znojmo.