During the 2nd Asia Championship a Malaysian Newspaper reporter interviewed Grand Master Choi about his journey with Taekwon-do, with the interview result being posted in an extensive 3 colour page article in the Malaysian Newspaper.


Being the son of the Founder of Taekwon-do General Choi, GM Choi is sustaining a great responsibility of the succession of the noble ambition of General Choi – to promote Taekwon-do to the world. It is never an easy job to inherit the achievement and spirit of our General, but it is the only road taken by GM Choi without regret.


While most of us were still acting like a spoiled child and having frolic with friends, GM Choi was already doing his kicking and Ki Hap under the burning sun, enjoying his so-called “delightful time” in his childhood. Due to his special position as the son of our General, he was well aware that he has to train hard at every single moment to achieve the expectation of his father. To reach the apex he always takes the bull by the horns and to equip himself to surmount tremendous difficulties which he has to face day to day. It is not exaggerate to say that the time GM Choi experienced yesterday equipped himself to his achievements and success today.


GM Choi does not treat Taekwon-do as a toy, a game, or a sport. Rather it is a kind of education, in which we should all engrave in our mind of the spirit of Taekwon-do – Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit. Being a member of Taekwon-do we should not aim at obtaining the black belt or gaining respect from others, but we should endeavor to a higher moral of being a honest, upstanding, selfless and devoted person.


Regardless of his capacity as a 9th degree Grand Master, president of the ITF and father of the two daughters, GM Choi still treat himself as a lifetime student. To him the resplendent of life does not depend on its end result, but the process of striving and persevering. There is no end to the road of Taekwon-do. He wishes that he could devote his lifetime to enchance and glorify the noble ambition of our General and to establish a perfect system of Taekwon-do for the posterity.