Tests for college students were conducted by the instructor Carlessi Cotrina, general coordinator USMP University and representative of the ATIP -  INO 255 in northern country. The Taekwon-Do ITF is a required course in this university.


The Self Defence Seminar was conducted by the instructors Juan Ramos Travi y Rodolfo Morante Wan, members of the National Association of Taekwon-Do ITF of Peru.


The seminar counted with self defence techniques for liberation, for attacks on vital points, by application of levers also counting on defence techniques levers on the floor, by strangulation and special techniques against knife use.


We take this opportunity to thank the organizing committee and the support of the black belts Wilfredo Calderon, Fabian Eche, Miqui Velasquez, Yoel Parihuaman, Amado Rivera, Danny Pacheco, Moises Espinoza  and especially the instructor Carlessi Cotrina for their hospitality.