The Hong Kong Team consisted of 79 participants attended the 2nd ITF Asia Taekwon-Do Championships in Kuala Lumpur, which was attended by teams from 12 regions and countries, and gained great success.


Most of the Hong Kong Team members arrived at Kuala Lumpur on 4 July and was welcomed by members of the Malaysia Taekwon-do Administrative Council. The championships started on 5 July Friday at around 9:00 am with kids and junior patterns being the first events, followed by the opening ceremony and team pattern competition in the afternoon. It was our honor to meet our ITF president Grand Master Choi and Grand Master Han Sam Soo, who being the honorable guests of the championships gave us some valuable and meaningful speeches. Welcome dinner was being held at night with participants from different regions and countries having friendly and cosy talks. All of us were having a delightful day.


The second day started with junior sparring and adult pattern while veteran and team pattern were being held after lunch. Instructor Derek Ma from Hong Kong also attended his 6th degree examination in front of the grading panel consisted of Master Trevor Nicholls, Master James Hogan, Master Gordon Jue and Master Daniel Sng, and had gained an extraordinary grade of A+ with his excellent performance. The last day of the championships was allocated to adult and veteran sparring while farewell dinner was being held in Olympic Sports Hotel that night. During the whole championships participants from different regions and countries were all performing excellent skills and techniques in striving for good results and in gaining the medals. It was a great pleasure for us to meet with our Grand Master Choi, Grand Master Han, Master Nicholls, Master Hogan, Master Jue and Master Sng, as well as participants and friends from other regions and countries.


Hong Kong Team won a total of 71 medals in the championships including 17 gold medals, 27 silver medals and 27 bronze medals, as well as the award of being “The Best Performing Region” among the participated countries!


We would like to congratulate all participants for their success in the championships and to Instructor Derek Ma for being promoted to 6th degree with extraordinary grading.