Definition of Taekwon-Do Degrees and Belts


Our Founder expressed very clearly about meanings, techniques and hours of practice each coloured belt and black belt requires.  However, I would like to add some further explanation.


1)  Coloured belts:  these practice times represent the foundations and preparation for entering the world of Taekwon-Do. We can relate this to our Primary and early education


2)  1st~3rd degree Black belts:  these represent a level of experienced proficiency.Dedication to perfection as that of a university Student


3)  4th~6th degree Black belts:  reached an international level of recognition in both teaching and examining.


4)  7th and 8th degree Black belts:  returning to others the investment and values that you have enjoyed in Taekwon-Do.The period of study is that of a Doctorate or Degree


5)  9th degree Black belt:  helping all Taekwon-Do families, counselling problems and mentoring integrity, enabling you to analyse the right direction in life and not to discriminate on any grounds.


Unfortunately the giving and/or selling of certificates by organisations, without the wisdom and knowledge to support these qualifications, is both fraudulent to integrity and, if accepted, you are cheating yourself and others.  In time, nobody will trust or recognise you and you become the most shameful person, damaging Taekwon-Do.


Any organisation can make a certificate;  however the certificate with World wide value is priceless and unique to but a few organisations.  My advice as  a student of the founder Gen Choi is to be sure that you are practising Taekwon Do within a legitimate organisation.


Thank you.


Yours in Taekwon-Do


Han Sam Soo