Weekly Training of the Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council

A total of 73 participants and spectators from Hong Kong are attending the 2nd ITF Asia Taekwon-Do Championships to be held on 5 to 7 July 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Weekly trainings are being held by the Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council under the leadership of Master David Lau. Participants are training hard to prepare for the Championships and to show their best in the events.


With the guidance of Master David Lau and different senior instructors, our members are receiving intensive trainings in maturing their ITF techniques and skills in both pattern and sparring. They all enjoy the trainings as it provides a great platform to learn from each other. Members from different MOs also form both male and female teams to participate in the team pattern and team sparring. Although coming from different MOs, members team up themselves quickly in a harmonious environment.


We believe that only perspiration brings success. Our team will continue to equip ourselves to surmount tremendous difficulties and to reach the apex.



Written by: Kaki Chan, II Degree, Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council