Special Class

On thursday before the ITF Aragon Championships, Mr Oriolani organized a special class in Zaragoza.

People from Italy (Ms Farigu students), from Usa, from Argentina and  from TTL Spain, assisted to the classes that was conducted by Mr Cova ( 6° degree from Argentina).

The class started at 20.00, after Mr Oriolani introduced Mr Cova and thanks all the partecipants,  Master Jue and Mr Dhingra (Usa) for their presence.

After a warm up, Mr Cova started to explain different solutions of counter- attack. But of course the aim of the class was to share a train all together, from different countries but with the same passion.

The Traditional TaeKwon-Do Line would thanks all the people that attended the class ( more than 50), Master Jue for his presence and of course Mr Cova, that conducted a very good class to all.

Black Belt Test

Traditional TaeKwon-do Line organized also a black belts test session supervised by Master Maidana (8° degree from Argentina). He was assisted by Mr Cova, Mr Perez (6° degree), Mr Oriolani (TTL President) and Mr Zerda.

Three students of Mr Oriolani had over 2 hours test and then they were approved to the next category:

Victor Navaz, 2º Dan

Romina Requiere, 1º Dan

Ignacio Balbas, 1º Dan

Mr. Oriolani thanks the Instructors and congratulated their students for the good performance.

Open ITF Aragon Championships

After some months of organization, on saturday March the 23th, it was competed the 7th edition of ITF Aragon Championships.

As organizator we can say that the athmosphere was super, with many  competitors ready to performe their best.

9 differentes countries attended the event  like Usa, Argentina, Italy ,Uzbekistan, Netherland, Wales, Czech Republic, France, Belgium and many provinces of Spain.

With 5 rings and electronic system, the competition started in the "PDM Siglo XXI"  at 9.00 with black belts categories.

With many international competitors and world champions, we can mention the great performance of  Agustín Cova, Sabrina Mai, Catherina Jue and Silvia Farigu , also we can  underline the good final between  Mr. McCabe (Wales) and Mr. Dhingra (USA), with Mr Dhingra  victory.

After pattern, it started the individual sparring competition and then team competition. We can mention in -76kg category, Mr Noureddine Emaangoun from Netherland that won the final against Mr Leonardo Duran from Spain (TTL)

Gastón Oriente won the gold medal in -70 kg and Silvia Farigu had a nice performance winning both individual category -55 kg and the open weight category with money prize.

The first place in team sparring competition was to Fite team, with Mr. Alejandro Veyssiere as coach, that won against Argentina in the final. Italy team won pattern category.

In junior team event Italy won both pattern and sparring.

At 14.00 it was organized a ceremony to present countries, delgations and all the judges.

During the ceremony Mr. Oriolani gave a gift to all the delegations.

USA; Master Jue and Mr Dhingra

Italia; Mr. Denei and Ms Farigu

Bélgium; Ms Siraut

Czech Republic; Mr. Macek

France;  Mr. Muret

Netherland; Mr. Kassem

Uzbekistan; Mr. Shukhrat

About the delegation from Uzbekistan we have to thanks their president, Mr.Shukhrat, for the gift to Mr Oriolani. A traditional clothing.

From Spain we share the event with many clubs from different provinces: Vizcaya, Gipuzcoa, Burgos, Mallorca, Barcelona,
Madrid, Teruel, Valencia, Castellón, Almería and of course Zaragoza.

Well known instructors and friends from Spain were present like: Mr. Mariano Molina, Mr. Oyarzo, Mr. Monreal, Mr. Cachafeiro,
Mr.Zabini, Mr.Catalano, Mr.Veyssiere, Mr. Espeche, Mr.La Torre, Mr. Oriol, and Mr Fernando Perez (president of ITF de España).

After the ceremony, started the competition for children and colour belts. Many young competitiors showed passion and a good level. Among the others we can mention: Alex Frunza, Selena Cobo and Francisco Del Castillo (7, 10 and15 years old).

Like every years, the competitions ended with the award to the best Instructors ( the points depend on the colours belts results).

1º place Instructor Christian Oriolani

2º placeInstructor Mariano Zerda (Euskadi)

3º place Instructor Fernando Zabini (Benicasim)

This great day couldn''t be possible without he work of  volounteers, judeges, competitors and spectators.

We would mention: Helena Guallar, Francisco del Castillo, Eugenio, Mattheuz, Ana and María. Also thanks to the Red Cross.

The event was organized by Mr. Oriolani but other members of Traditional Taekwon-Do Line made a very good job: Mr. Zerda,
Mr. Edeso, Mr. Navaz, Ms. Conde, Ms, Altabas, Ms. Armale and Ms Requiere.

The organization prepare a link with all the pictures of the events and the award ceremony, that you can download for free.

To conclude, we want to thanks you again and invite you to the next edition of ITF Aragon, in March 2014. And invite you to visit our website: www.tkd-line.com