On Sunday, the 18th of November 2012, The Asociacion Nacional de Taekwon-do ITF del Peru (INO 255) has conducted its XII National Tournament in the city of Lima (capital of Peru)

The event was held in The Reparacion School and competitors since 3 years old , from 15 different schools of the region North .Center and South of our Peru, participated

The Tournament was organized by the INO 255 and the help of the instructors Carlessi Cotrina , Rodolfo Morante Wan,Manuel Avila,Dennis Arce and Yuri Romero and the help of the museum Andres del Castillo Team.

I take this opportunity to thank the organizing committee, and all the other board members, juries, judges and referees to make this championship a grand success and a truly memorable one.

Our next event are on 24 th February 2013. LIMA-PERU II Open Pacific Cup

and on 9th June 2013. LIMA-PERU IV Master Parm Rai-Seminar