On 28/6/12 at 09:30pm at the International Airport of Lima, Master PARM RAI, VII DAN, Personal Assistant to the Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, President of the International Taekwon-Do Federation, arrived in our country and was received by the Sabumnim Juan Ramos Travi, President of the National Peruvian Association of Taekwon-do INO 255 Peru and Mr Rodolfo Morante Wan (international affairs),to take him to his hotel.

To the following day the delegations of the ITF-Venezuela came to the Peru with his President Mr Jonathan Escobar and the Presidents of the ITF-Chile Sabumnim Alvaro Gagliano and the President of the FEVETI of Venezuela Sabumnim Vicente Perez.

On Saturday 30th June Master Parm Rai started the seminar,the focus of the class was correct use of the body to increase power ,Master Rai covered the use of core strength and in particular utilising the body’s engine or hip to generate the power required with each technique, along with focusing on sine wave and acceleration of movements also Master Rai covered the patterns, making corrections and encouraging students to put into practice the aspects of correct foot positioning and power.

After the Seminar was schedule grade testing for fifth degree for Sabunnim Alvaro Gagliano of Chile,the test went on for about 3 hours and included Patterns, Sparring, breaking and theory, and him performed all.That night, Master Rai was invited by the INO Peru to a dinner and artistic show of camaraderie between The Master and Senior instructors of Venezuela ,Chile y Peru and the vicepresident of the INO 255 Peru Sabunnim Manuel Avila Arias in the principal club of San Miguel - Lima with typical Peruvian food from the three regions of Peru, Coast, mountain and Jungle. organized by the Committee of potocolo

This Seminar was organized by the INO 255 PERU and was realized in the coliseum of the college the Reparacion in Miralores Lima-Peru with the help of the Museum Andres del Castillo.

We take this opportunity to thank the organizing committee of Peru,The ITF VZLA ,The FEVETI ,The ITF CHILE , The Delfines Association with Mr Manuel Avila , Chiclayo Asociation with Mr Carlessi Cotrina ,Fertex Association ,Mr Fernando Martinez,Mrs Jezebel Casilla,Mrs Diana Godoy and all the members of Peru

One more time we would like to thank Master Parm Rai for making this long trip and sharing a wealth of knowledge with all of us and for taking time out from his busy schedule.

We are grateful to Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa and Master Parm Rai for their continued support to the spread of Taekwon-do ITF in Peru. Thank you all for participating,they made this event a true success in Peru.