Grand Master Choi Malaysia Tour

Malaysia: Over 500 people witnessed Grand Master Choi‘s charm during Malaysia Tour on 28th May - 4th June 2012. This started the journey from Penang, which is the northest city in Malaysia, all the way down to south Malaysia, Kluang.

There are nearly 80 TaeKwon-Do practitioners from all across Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia taking part in Penang Grand Master Class 2012 at Penang Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel on 29th May 2012. Grand Master Choi also able to take this opportunity to tour around Penang, as well as tasted Durian, the King of fruit.

International Instructor Course & Malaysia Open Championship 2012 is taken place at Kluang. Representatives and sportsmen from Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, Australia, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan came across to join this Malaysia TaeKwon Do Administrative Council sanction event.

International Instructor Course & Malaysia Open Championship 2012 is also listed to be the Johor state Youth and Sports official event. We are also proud to have the Honourable Chairman of Youth and Sports Johor State Committee, HJ. MD. JAIS BIN HJ. SARDAY and Deputy Minister Of Higher Education Malaysia, DATO. DR. HOU KOK CHUNG and President of Youth League Federation State Johor, MR. LAU KAI CHONG as VIP during our events at Kluang.

Malaysia Tour is honored to be leaded by President Choi Jung Hwa with the assistant of

Mr. Min Bun Kih (ITF Advisor).

Master Trevor Nicholls (Secretary General of ITF, President of United Kingdom ITF Council, VIII Degree),

Master Jim Hogan (United Kingdom, VII Degree)

Master Daniel Sng (President of Island TaeKwon-Do Centre, Singapore, VII Degree),

Master David Lau (President of Hong Kong Original Tae Kwon-Do Council, VII Degree),

Master Poon (Hong Kong, VII Degree),

Malaysia is known to be the second develop TaeKwon-Do countries after Korea by the founder of TaeKwon-Do, late General Choi Hong Hi (1918-2002). Grand Master Choi also used this opportunity to monitor the development of TaeKwon-Do in Malaysia since 1963. As Grand Master Choi said “TaeKwon-Do’s philosophy is to protect the weak from the strongers’ oppression.”

Lastly, we would like to take his opportunity to thanks all of you that have supported Malaysia TaeKwon Do all this while. This GM Choi Malaysia Tour is an ITF Sanctioned event was hosted by :

Malaysia Taekwon-do Administrative Council (MTAC)

Penang Grand Master Class - 29th May 2012 Organized by Elite TaeKwon Do Academy (MO#442)

International Instructor Course & Malaysia Open Championship 2012 - 31st May - 4th June 2012 Organized by Wee Martial Arts Training Centre (MO# 451)

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