Sunday, the 27th of May, Elini town host the Sardinia Regional Championships 2012.
It was the first time that a Regional Championships was organized outside the area of the capital.
The competition was organized by Mr. Mulas and the Italian Committee (ITF Italia Ino#422 and ITA Ino#330).

School from all the region attended the event. Among the instructors were present Master Lecca, Mr. Controne, Mr. Cau, Mr. Bulla, Mr.Santagati and Ms. Farigu.
Also ITA President Mr. Tolu was present at the event.

Competition started with children categories in pattern, sparring and special techniques.
The second part of the event was dedicated to junior, adult and seniors.
Among the black belts were presents lot of national and international competitors as Mr. Federico Mascia (Jun World Champion 2010), Mr. Matteo Lecca, Mr.Niccolò Tolu, Mr. Lorenzo Usai, Mr. Federico Puddu, Ms. Alessia Locci.

A good technical level and sportsmanships was showed during all the competitions, also thanks to the umpire class and coaches.

The competitions finished with a little award ceremony for judges and instructors.