A large number of us were fortunate to participate in a Master Class presented by Master Parm Rai, VII dan, this Saturday, November 26th in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Master Rai is Personal Assistant to the President, Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa. Among the 135 participants were Masters Balet, VII dan, and Demers, VII dan. Later that evening, the Masters and Instructors were honoured with a dinner presided by President Choi Jung Hwa.


Attending the seminar were numerous Instructors and their students, ranging from VI dan to blue belt. The willing participants were treated to an informative and demanding seminar. The focus of the seminar was in training techniques and patterns, with a particular emphasis on self-defence and three-step sparring.


Black belt students, second dan and up, were then introduced to model sparring. This form of sparring requires a superior level of control, timing, ability and concentration, challenging even the most skilled practitioners of our Art. Master Rai impressed everyone with his mastery of the techniques.


Along with this technical and physical expertise, Master Rai also emphasised the importance of dedication to our training and of respect of our Art. Master Rai clarified questions of protocol and offered anecdotes on the history and glimpses on the continuing evolution of taekwon-do.


The seminar, attended by students of all ages from the greater Toronto area as well as the national capital area, ended too soon and left us all looking forward to Master Raiís next appearance. We look forward to applying what we have learned in the upcoming World Championships hosted in Ottawa, Canada, by Master Demers and Mr. Reid, VI dan, august 6th to the 13th.