Taekwon-Do South Africa played host to Master Trevor Nicholls VIII Dan over the weekend of the 4th,5th and 6th of  November 2011. This was the second time the Master had visited our shores.

After waiting with anticipation the time finally arrived for us to pick him up at Johannesburg International Airport. He came through the gates about 10am. After his long flight he arrived ready to give us his all. After settling in at his hotel it was off for some lunch and then time for nine members to grade under him at the Dojang. The range was from black stripes to 4th dan. Among them Sabum Denis Magua the Vice President of TSA successfully graded to Fifth Dan.

Master Nicholls put the guys through their paces with a tough and informative grading over the next four hours. We really appreciate having Master Nicholls over because he is first and for most  passionate about Taekwon-Do and the  training. He had picked up a bug before arriving  and was not feeling well, but put in such an effort to be really thorough in the grading. The members really worked hard for their belts. We also appreciate that if they were not up to scratch they would have not have passed. Master Nicholls is a true martial artist and would not just appease us. This is along the same lines as they way we think, one of the reasons we have such a good connection with the Master. We were relieved that everyone passed the test albeit worn out but very happy at the end of it.

The Saturday was Master class time held at the Wits Education Campus hall. Master Nicholls still feeling under the weather gave the 7 hour class with passion, enthusiasm, raw power and some humour, as his fantastic teaching style is known, without any sign of showing how ill he felt.

It was great that he was happy with what we had implemented over the last two years since his last visit. He now concentrated on new aspects of the training which we will now implement also including us starting to use Korean commands for techniques instead of English. The seminar consisted of technical training with much emphasis on the angles of the base feet for kicking, Tuls and some Sparring drills. It was hugely enjoyed by all.

The evening saw a black belt dinner in honour of the Master at a well known meat restaurant, as South Africa is well known for quality steaks, which by now the Master was able to enjoy. The evening was great with the Master sharing stories and getting to know our crew better. The next day we visited the Bird Gardens of Monte Casino, which we enjoyed seeing and learning about many bird species. The highlight being the live bird show which includes among other things, birds of prey flying over the heads of the audience. While on his trip I also got to see how hard he works as the Secretary General of the ITF, being constantly busy taking care of worldwide issues in between. We are very lucky to have such a man tirelessly working to help keep our organisation great. All with his great dedication and belief in our I.T.F. under the guidance of Master Choi Jung Hwa.

The short trip came to an end far too quickly with Master Nicholls departing from the Airport later that Sunday evening, leaving us very motivated but sad to see him go. Off to another four overseas trips this year. We wish him all the best and really look forward to him visiting us again.