The Formation of ITF Malaysia Council.


14TH October 2011, 9.00pm- With the opportunity of Malaysia Master Class 2011, the event organizer have successful arrange a Malaysia Conference during that evening. 7TKD groups out  of 9 Malaysia organizations with the presence of International Taekwon-do Federation (ITF) secretary general Master Trevor Nicholls and Master David Lau from Hong Kong Original Taekwon-do Council (HKTKDC), the Malaysia conference was run smoothly.


Master Trevor Nicholls was sharing history of ITF Malaysia and highlight requirement of application for an INO of ITF Malaysia, which are fifty (50) active black belt holders with status card and two hundred fifty (250) active color belt holders with membership card. Master Trevor Nicholls also mention that Head Quarter is having prompt processing with no reason to postpone. Master Trevor Nicholls explicate ITF operation system. INO and MO are independently by own operating system but attach to ITF rules. On conditions that follow the ITF system, there are no rules to specify particular examiner of INO or MO. Senior degree are not to be teach what to do but respect.


Master Trevor Nicholls give explanation of Council. Council should have a website to able to sharing information. Mission of president of Council is to come out one sound to represent all sound of member but not own sound. All MOs agreed the condition and willing to form up a Council for Malaysia.


In the election of committee of Malaysia Council, Mr. Andy Low Chun Yoong is volunteer to take the responsibility of the position. The result came out with unanimously adopted Mr. Andy Low Chun Yoong as the first secretary of Malaysia Taekwon-do Administrative Council.


This Malaysia Council will be name as Malaysia Taekwon-do Administrative Council (MTAC) and it was effected from 14 October 2011, 10.45pm.


Leadership of MTAC:

Secretary: MR. Low Chun Yoong, Andy

Council’s MO member:

INO #359 ITF Malaysia - Xtreme Martial Arts (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) – Master A.V.S. Bathi Allimuthu

MO #304 Sarawak Global Taekwon-do Association (Sarawak, Malaysia) – Mr. Goh Nae Kwang

MO #349 Persatuan Taekwon-do Daerah Kota Tinggi (Johor, Malaysia) – Mr. Chin Lai Khak & Mrs. Chin

MO #427 Zest Martial Arts Academy (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) – Mr. Liew Wen Xiang & Ms. Low Yen Chih

MO #442 Elite Taekwon-do Academy (Penang, Malaysia) – Ms. Tan Ai Lean

MO #449 Korean Martial Arts Academy (Selangor, Malaysia) – Mr. Kenneth William Khoo

MO #451 Wee Martial Arts Training Centre (Johor, Malaysia) – Mr. Wee Lai Der & Mr. Loh Fong Ti