First ever Indonesia Master Class by Master Trevor Nicholls VIII Dan.

On 30th July 2011, The ITF-Secretary General Master Trevor Nicholls arrived in Jakarta,Indonesia for the first time,accompanied by Master David Lau from Hong Kong and Master AVS,Bathi from Malaysia. They were greeted by ITF-Indonesia Mr.Eykman and Mr.Ivan Wei as well as other members of ITF-Indonesia.

After Checked in to the hotel,Official meeting was performed right away over dinner.Master Nicholls explained fully about the true value of ITF and the vision of our president GM Choi Jung Hwa, The ITF-Indonesia also expressed the situation of ITF-TKD in the country and questions.Master Nicholls patiently explained everything to members of ITF-Indonesia.

On 31st July,Sunday. The Master Class began at 9 o''''clock,were a total of 19 black belts attended,also 3 members from MO427- Malaysia came all the way from KL,Malaysia to join the Master Class. The class went on all day from 9AM till 5PM were Basic drills,Fundamental movements,explanation on the true value of techniques were taught and performed.Also Master Nicholls went through all 24 patterns with all participants,We are all amazed by the performance of the conducting Master Nicholls and the assisting Master Lau and Master Bathi. All participants had a very tiring and very full-filling day with the ITF Masters.

Master Nicholls and other two assisting Master left Jakarta on the next day,all members of Indonesia are looking forward on the next visit of Master Nicholls in Jakarta.

With the same time, The formation of the ITF-Indonesia is officially formed MO#441 and we are proud to be affiliated with the bloodline of our founder General Choi Hong Hi,and we are sure we will expand even more in the coming future.

We also will participate in the up-coming Asia Championship in Hong Kong, November this year. Will see everyone in Hong Kong. We want to express our utmost sincere gratitude to Master Nicholls, Master David Lau and Master AVS.Bathi for there guidance in Jakarta.