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Under the direction of Dr. Kruk (team ITF Research) the first Tul tour through Korea was realised during the time from June 25th to July 5th, 2011.  With Oliver Drexler and Kim Herzog two members of Taekwon Do Germany were represented, too. All in all 19 participants from 10 nations and from all 5 continents took part. Besides visits of several places, the daily schedule just included also several training units.   Especially impressive for the participants was the visit of places which all are connected with the Korean history, their heroes and philosophers. Thus stands, for example, the ninth Tul Chung Mu for the famous admiral Yi, who, in the 15th century, could prevent the invasion of the Japanese fleet into his homeland by his invention (the first fully armoured warship). Thus the Chung Mu Tul was trained in Hyeongchusa in front of his birthplace and Shrine. Or "Chon Ji", what means, as everybody knows, sky and earth. This Tul was trained on the island of Jeju, - above an extinct volcano and with it, proverbially, between sky and earth.

 Beside a big cultural programme the schedule also provided for a visit of a water park (with spontaneous Won Hyo training in the water) and a great afternoon on the beach. At the latest from this time the participants were a confirmed troop! Addresses were exchanged and new friendship was forged,-Taekwon-Do just connects. Especially worth mentioning is Leigh from Australia which became by his positive attitude a model for all of us (everybody who were present knows what I mean). Hats off to the organizer (CJ) to the travel management (Genius J. Kim) and Dr. Kruk, the tour was organised completely perfectly.

 Now, what does the tour mean for me personally? I feel that I have finally arrived, and have found in the ITF the family I always have looked for.

 Result: I can only recommend the tour to every "real" Taekwon-Do practicing; you will see Taekwon-Do in a different light.

 Oliver Drexler