Friday 21th May, Master Nicholls arrived in Cagliari to meet Mr. Efisio Tolu, Italian Taekwon-Do Association President.
They visited the international fair of Cagliari that would host 2014 WorldChampionships.
On saturday morning took place a master class with some sardinian instructor.
Master Nicholls explain the importance of the distance, the angle and the target.
Students really enjoyed the class and practised with attention and dedication.

The same day, after Master Nicholls class, Miss Silvia Farigu flew to Barcellona as guest to the Catalunya Open, organized by Mr. Mariano Molina and ITF Spain.
Competition started on sunday morning 22th May and, Miss Farigu, the only competitor from Italy, worked as umpire and then competed with a gold medal in sparring.

On sunday 30 May, Mr. Vincenzo Santagati, ITA national Coach, organized the 2011 edition of Sardinia Championships & Iron Cup.
Over 200 competitors from all the island competed in pattern and sparring.
The competition shown a very good level also among children and junior.
Special guest of the event Mr. Tarcisio Martella that helped all the day as umpire chairman.
Were also present international competitors like Federico Mascia (Junior World Champion Korea 2010) and instructor like Master Lecca, Mr. Contini (Italian Taekwon-Do Association vice-president), Mr. Denei, Mr. Dettori, Mr. Congia, Mr. Onano, Ms. Farigu.                

We would like to thanks Master Nicholls for his visit, Mr. Molina and ITF Spain for their hospitality, all competitors, parents, judges and instructors that assisted to Sardinia Championships.

Italian Taekwon-Do Association Press