As technical trainer of Italian Taekwon-Do Association, Mr. Toni Martella travelled to Terracina (near Rome) and to Cagliari (Sardinia) to coduct 2 national seminars with Mr. Santagati (ITA national coach). They were assisted by Ms. Silvia Farigu (Overall Champion Korea 2010).

During the first seminar, on April 30th, assisted over 100 students by all ages. In the children class, Mr. Martella explained the importance to know the meaning and the purpose of all patterns movements. Students practised all kups patterns and the class ended with Mr. Santagati''s exercises for sparring and special techniques.
Adult class started under the guidance of Mr. Santagati with sparring exercises of attack and counter attack.
Then Mr. Martella continued explaining about rhythm, sinewave and different motions.
The day ended with some pictures and autographs asked by students.

On sunday, May 8th, Mr. Martella went to Settimo San Pietro (Sardinia) for another seminar with Mr. Santagati.
During children class Mr. Martella explained the application of some movements with the assistance of Mr. Denei, Mr. Santagati and Ms. Farigu. He showed also differents techniques and exercises of flexibility, coordination and balance, capturing children''s attention.
Adult''s class started with legs exercises of coordination and self control. Then all black belts practised their pattern by team and some movements in all directions. The class ended with sparring exercises given by Mr. Santagati.

The goal of these seminar is to standardize italian technical level and to identify competitors for the next world championships in Canada.

Mr. Tolu, Italian Taekwon-Do Association president, assisted to both classes and was very happy and satisfied for the instructors'' work and how the group is growing up.

We would like to thanks Mr. Martella for his job and all people that assisted to these classes. Were also presents instructors like Mr. Caiazzo, Mr. Contini, Mr. Denei, Mr. Iannone, Mr. Aversa.

His ability and physical quality, his enthusiasm to teach and his several years exeperience, also near Gen. Choi Hong Hi, as official assistent, make Mr. Toni Martella one of the best technical instructors recognized worldwide.

After last great success in Sardinia, Mr. Martella will come back in the island next June.

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