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ITF Taekwondo Military College Bolivia celebrates Kup Promotions
General Brig.. Luis Orlando Ariñez Bazzan Commander of the Military College supports this education and Graduation of Future Officer Cadets.

[Written By:  ITF Taekwondo Association of Schools Bolivia 17th Oct 2014 ]
UK ITF 4th Degree and Above Training Day and IIC
After such an overwhelming positive response from the previous training day we were all eager to see what Grand Master Nicholls had in store for us.

[Written By:  Trenic TKD 9th Oct 2014 ]
Report on the III Cup Yomchi in held in Peru on 21st September 2014

[Written By:  Juan Ramos Travi 29th Sep 2014 ]
Master Parm Rai Seminar in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, for the first time.
Will be offered in Brazil for the first time, a seminar at the highest technical level, with the special assistant to the Grandmaster Choi Jung Hwa and technical director of ITF, Master Parm Rai VIII Dan. A wonderful event. 6th December 2014 - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

[Written By:  Thais Melo IV Dan / BRA-4-1005 9th Sep 2014 ]
ITF Congress at the ITF World Championships 2014
Photographs of the ITF Congress by ITF PR Chairman, Jung Chan Kuk

[Written By:  ITF Administration 31st Aug 2014 ]
Promotions to 9th Degree
The ITF President, Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, awards 9th Degree promotions at the ITF World Championships 2014

[Written By:  ITF Administration 31st Aug 2014 ]
A New Chapter In Taekwon-Do History
Photographs by the ITF PR Chairman, Jung Chan Kuk, commemorating the inaugural awards of the Taekwon-Do Family Honor Medal

[Written By:  ITF Administration 31st Aug 2014 ]
An evocative description of the preparations and delivery of the ITF World Championships 2014 by Paola Pepe, with photographs from the ITF PR Chairman, Jung Chan Kuk

[Written By:  Paola Pepe 31st Aug 2014 ]
The 6th Ethiopian Taekwon-do Association Master Class Report
Further photographs of this significant ITF event

[Written By:  Ethiopian Taekwon-Do Association 17th Jul 2014 ]
The 6th Ethiopian Taekwon-do Association Master Class Report
Master Trevor Nicholls attended the 6th Ethiopian Taekwon-Do Association Master Class in Addis Ababa on 11th and 12th July 2014

[Written By:  Ethiopian Taekwon-Do Association 17th Jul 2014 ]
Malaysia Taekwon-Do Open Championship 2014
The Malaysia Taekwon-Do Open Championship 2014, a Malaysia State Government official event, was successfully held on the 7th to 8th June 2014 in Kluang, Johor, Malaysia.

[Written By:  Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council 29th Jun 2014 ]
3rd Technical Seminar, and 5th Championships held in Herat Province of Afghanistan.
On Thursday, the 22nd of June 2014, Mr. Najmuddin Safi President of Afghan Taekwon-Do Association and Official Representative of ITF for Afghanistan, conducted a technical seminar for ATA members in Herat province of Afghanistan.

[Written By:  Sarajuddin Safi, ATA Secretary General 22nd Jun 2014 ]
ETA wins prize from the Federal Government
The Ethiopian Taekwon-do Association (ETA) wins monetary prize from the federal Government of Ethiopia

[Written By:  Ethiopian Taekwon Do 20th Jun 2014 ]
ITF Delegation meet with Kukkiwon Officials
President Choi leads ITF delegation in discussions with President and Vice-President of Kukkiwon

[Written By:  ITF Administration 18th Jun 2014 ]
Tul & Technique Seminar with Michael Flaherty VI Degree from Ireland
Seminar with Michael Flaherty in Germany

[Written By:  Gérard Galinski 16th Jun 2014 ] Comments: 1
Technical Training with Master Horan in Germany
Taekwon-Do Deutschland invited Master Glenn Horan 7th Degree from the UK ITF to conduct a Technical Training only for the Black Belts of our Organisation

[Written By:  Anastasia Alexandridou 15th Jun 2014 ]
On 7/6/14 at 02:00 am at the International Airport of Lima, Master Parm Rai, VIIl DAN, Personal Assistant to the Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa and chairman of the technical committee of the International Taekwon-do Federation arrived in our country and was received by the Sabumnim Juan Ramos Travi and his assistant Mr Vila to take him to his hotel

[Written By:  ITF Administration 11th Jun 2014 ] Comments: 1
Monthly Training of the Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council
On 2 June 2014 the Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council held its monthly training in Tuen Mum under the leadership of Master David Lau and the guidance of our senior instructors. There were around 50 black belt members attending the training.

[Written By:  ITF Administration 3rd Jun 2014 ]
Ethiopian Taekwon-do
Sabum Habtamu Tilahun, now in South Africa, took his 4th Dan test with Master Kiros and extends this accolade to Master Kiros and ETA.

[Written By:  ITF Administration 28th May 2014 ]
American student earns an academic PhD in TKD
Phoenix Group are pleased and proud to announce this significant achievement

[Written By:  ITF Administration 21st May 2014 ] Comments: 4

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