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TKD Power™ Self Defence Workshop with Master James Hogan
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The Panteli Taekwon-Do Academy welcomed Master James Hogan to the Hawkinge TKD Power™ Centre last night (04/11/2005). Master Hogan presented a self defence workshop to the members of the academy focussing on both the practical application of Taekwon-Do pattern movements, followed by a class on nerve-strikes/vital-spot attacks specifically for the adult students. We were pleased also to welcome Mr. Paul Adams (Instructor for Denham, Farnham and Aldershot Taekwon-do Schools), who travelled down from his base in Woking to take part in the event.

It was a particular pleasure to bring Master Hogan to the Academy, as both Antony and Nicholas Panteli, together with Master Hogan, (and actually Paul Adams) had originally come from the same ex-ITF organisation. In fact Master Hogan, who was already a fourth degree black belt when both Antony and Nicholas first started training in Taekwon-Do, was a superstar practitioner in that organisation, whose tournament performances were often billed as the 'main event' of bygone days.

The class started in the traditional fashion, with Nicholas Panteli leading those assembled through the Taekwon-Do Jungshin and Sunsuh. After a short but effective warm up led by Master Hogan, the participants were separated into groups of 5 to practice Saju Jirugi and Saju Makgi focusing each movement as a defensive or attacking strike against the pre-located opponents. In each case, Master Hogan demonstrated how each block could be used as both defensive and counter attacking movements, depending on the proximity, position and movement of the opponents.

As the class continued, Master Hogan demonstrated specific uses of movements from all the colour belt patterns. In many cases, the application of the blocks as attacking movements, as Master Hogan explained, was the original military purposes of the techniques, was a real eye opener for the forty plus participants. It is always a pleasure to see Taekwon-do being used effectively in its many different contexts - defensive, counter offensive, military and sporting.

The first half of the workshop concluded after about an hour, when the juniors were dismissed, and the adults moved on to see the more 'streetwise' (and painful!) application of Taekwon-do. For the adults Master Hogan explained many of the body's vital spots, and showed how each could be targeted using non-standard parts of use. He presented a series of locks, holds, counter-strikes and take-downs, all targeted against arteries, nerves and other sensitive bones, joints and tendons in the body, each sequence building logically against the previous one. In a relatively short time, all of the participants were successfully finding and connecting with their partners funny-bones, or rolling on the floor being held using only the minimal force needed when applying appropriate attacking tools against the pressure points.

There is little doubt that Master Hogan's expertise, skill and knowledge endeared him to the TKD Power™ members, who will surely spend the next few week practicing the many new concepts they learned over the course of this fantastic work shop.

On behalf of the Academy, we would like to extend our gratitude to Master Hogan for taking the time to travel all the way from his base in London to the Hawkinge TKD Power™ Centre. The ITF is certainly fortunate to have a clutch of younger, dynamic and technically proficient Masters, such as Master Hogan, who are not only still able to perform at an exceptionally impressive level, but are also prepared, irrespective of politics or affiliation, to delineate their knowledge and experiences to all students of Taekwon-do.

Master Hogan has already agreed to return some time in the new year for a follow on workshop. Without exception, all of the participants from this class are eagerly looking forward to it.

Written by: - 5th November 2005

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