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Air Force Cops Get A Kick in New Training
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On 19 July 2005, TaeKwon-Do black belt instructors taught members of the 81st Security Forces Squadron located at Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi defensive tactics and officer safety techniques. Mr. Michael Munyon, United States International TaeKwon-Do Federation (USITF) Armed Forces Director and international 5th degree black belt taught a three hour course in skills and techniques which will allow members of the security forces to utilize during both their state side and overseas mission. Assisting Mr. Munyon with this course was Mr. Joe Bosse, 6th degree black belt, United States TaeKwon-Do Federation (USTF) Region X director, Mr. Gary Meek, 5th degree black belt and the United States TaeKwon-Do Federation (USTF) Armed Forces Director and Ms. Dawn Cline, 1st degree black belt, USITF.

The course started off with Mr. Munyon leading the group of Air Force “Defenders” with warm up exercises and stretches. Following the warm up session Mr. Munyon discussed how the defensive tactics training compliments the Use of Force model utilized by civilian and military law enforcement.

The various black belts instructed the class on the following training:
- Joint locks and manipulation techniques
- Come alongs
- Weapon retention
- Weapon disarming
- Escape from wrist grabs

Mr. Munyon is the Defensive Tactics Instructor for the 81st Security Forces Squadron and conducts these classes on a semi-annual basis. The techniques taught during the course further the training taught to all security force members during their academy training at Lackland Air Force Base.

At the end of the course Letters of Appreciation and Security Forces coins were issued out to the guest black belts by 1Lt Michael LeMay signed by Lt Col Dean Cusanek, commander of the 81st Security Forces Squadron.
On July 26, 2005, Mr. Munyon conducted another Defensive Tactics class for the Security Forces Squadron. The topic of training consisted of mainly weapon disarming and retention. Members of the Security Forces Squadron approached Mr. Munyon and the training section requesting that this training be conducted more then semi-annually. Many of the security forces members found this training beneficial to their day-to-day duties and feel that this training will enhance their “Fit to Fight” life style.

Written by: Mr. M. Munyon - 8th October 2005

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