ITF Umpires Seminar Under Way
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The new ITF International Umpires Course commenced today under the direction of ITF Tournament Director, Master Nestor Galarraga.

Over 50 participants have travelled to participate on the course, which for the first time includes an examinable element in order to be awarded the qualification and designation of “ITF International Umpire”.

Successful course candidates will be authorised by the ITF to conduct courses in their own countries and will be empowered by the ITF to award National Coaching Qualifications.

The course covers all aspects of tournaments procedures, including for the first time the requirement that participants perform all Taekwon–do patterns to demonstrate that they have the knowledge and technical abilty to score them in competition.

Administrative procedures have also been included, addressing issues such as how to create tournament brackets, and general event management.

Participants on this, the first assessed ITF International Umpires Course, have come from the following countries: Argentina, Peru, Uraguay, Mexico, Cuba, Brasil, UK, Ireland, USA, Venezuela, Bolivia, South Africa and Canada. In the case of Cuba, this is the first time that an ITF delegation has ever participated outside of Cuba’s National Territory, at such an event.

Course candidates will be observed and assessed over the course of the ITF Panamerican Championships this weekend, in order to achieve full Umpires Certification from the Tournament and Umpires Committee.

Photos courtesy of Mamfoto (, official photographer to the Taekwon-do Association of Argentina.

Written by: - 5th October 2005

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