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TAEKWON-DO BY THE SEASIDE Report from the 2nd International Open Summer Cup, 9/10 July 2005

On the 9th and the 10th of July 2005 the 2nd International Open Summer Cup took place, its landscape was the beautiful Sardinian sea-side, an appreciate turistic zone. I really don’t know if it was for the sea or for the organization, or for the participants, but the event was a success of public.

From the first conference to the last premier, everything was a suggestion. Thanks to the two local televisions and the national television, not only who was there but also people at home could see the spectacular fighting and tul of the Choi Jung Hwa’s Taekwon-do. I’m sure that this kind of show can make the ITF TAEKWON-DO a respected name, in which people identify proudness and braveness.

3000 persons, more or less, were there, in the yacht port of Marina Piccola in Cagliari, in a semi-circular structure as an arena.

The night time added a particular light to the scene were the show took place, but the suggestion was also the music and most of all the world champion’s fighting and tul. Nothing couldn’t be as perfect as it was without the precious help of the German and Spanish Instructors: Tarcisio Martella and Fernando Perez, who gave to the event the necessary rules with a perfect and spectacular judgement.

The event organization was structured as a two nights show for who don’t know what Taekwon-do is, it has been an occasion to these people to understand it.

For this reason the athletes of this competition were chosen for their ability, not everyone can participate to this event, only the best who can show the noble Taekwon-do art to the people. I’ve to give a particular thank to the Spanish and German athletes, and also to our Italian world’s champions in Corea 2004 (Gianluca Muscas OVERALL CHAMPION, Silvia Farigu, Valentino Atzeni ).

But it was mostly a serious competition where the regulation of the International Taekwon-do Federation by Master Choi Jung Hwa was respected as an insurance for the athlete’s safety.

It remains to me to thank Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ukraine and Algeria, which would like to participate but had burocratic problems.

Written by: Master Pierpaolo Lecca (President, ITF Italia) - 28th September 2005

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