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The IUTF Host Master Bhupinder Sahota
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Master Bhup Sahota, (VII) of GBITF and UKGT travelled to Ireland in September in order to conduct a special two day training course on tul, incorporating proper application of sine wave and correct use of body's mass. The course lasted for seven hours for both days and was only open for IUTF full time instructors. The host for the event was Mr. Mark Philpott of Kanturk Taekwon Do Club in County Cork. Each individual instructor had the opportunity to learn from Master Sahota on a one to one basis. Afterwards Master Sahota commented on the high standard of the instructors. He indicated that the IUTF, which is well known for its top class fighters, had improved the standard of its Tul by a great deal since joining the ITF.

Master Sahota had also conducted two training courses for the IUTF earlier in the year when he was aided by his son Mr. Tajinder Sahota. The Irish United Taekwon Do Federation (IUTF) asked Mr. Sahota to become the association’s technical advisor last year due to his high technical knowledge of tul and this decision was proven to be an excellent one and both the earlier courses having over 50 participants in attendance. Students and instructors alike commented on the superb instruction given by Mr. Sahota.

According to Mr. Dalton, IUTF Chairperson and Chief Instructor “We are very honoured to have such a world renowned instructor as Master Sahota acting as our technical adviser. Mr. Sahota has attended almost 20 International Instructor Courses and his knowledge is amazing and inspirational. He also has the ability to explain the correct performance of tul effortlessly. The IUTF are also hosting Master Jose Maidana (of Argentina) at the end of October. Master Maidana has been the coach for Argentina for 12 years. Our instructors and students are very excited by this prospect indeed.”

Written by: Mrs. P. Dalton - 18th September 2005

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