GBITF Masterclass Hailed as Tremendous Success
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Over 300 members congregated at the Parklands Leisure Centre, in Leicester, UK this Saturday (26/09/2005, to participate at the Masterclass hosted by GBITF (INO# 148) and led by the President of the ITF, Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa.

The class, organised by Master Sahota (UK) was also attended by the Senior Vice President of the ITF, Master Volmir Ligay (Russia), and GBITF Masters. Zuza, Harry and Woods.

The session was opened by Mr. Clive Daffey (UK) who organised the line up and took the participants through gentle stretching exercises, before, Mr. Parm Rai (Canada), special assistant to President Choi, took over and led the participants through one of his legendary, and high intensity warm up routines.

Sutiably warmed, the class was led in the traditional fashion through fundamental exercises, and basic techniques by Mr. Rai, whil President Choi, assisted by Master Sahota, observed, taking over at appropriate intervals to explain and correct individual participants wherever necessary.

Gradually the class moved towards patterns. Again in traditional fashion, President Choi asked for individual participants to volunteer and demonstrate for the whole class, after which he invited comments from the group - importantly asking them to explain the good, as well as any aspect of the performance of individual techniques that needed adjustment and correcting.

After a short (20 minutes only) break for lunch at 2pm, the class, directed by Mr. Rai, moved into a short session on physical fitness strength and stamina, with Mr. Rai, assisted by Mr. Tajinder Sahota, demonstrating incredibly intense and challenging exercises, which incuded high speed up/down kicking routines, lunging and stretching, and abdominal workouts.

With the participants suitably exhausted, the class returned once again to pattern work, and the members were able to ask the President for clarification on specific techniques and concepts as each pattern was performed movement by movement.

The class ended well after the scheduled time. Not because the event had intentionally overrun, but because niether the participants, nor the instructors, had actually noticed that the time had actually passed by so quickly, such was the enjoyment and genuine engagement with the session that had transpired.

The ITF has already received tremendous positive feedback from many of the 300 plus participants, in respect of the day's events. On behalf of President Choi, we would like to extend our gratitude to Master Sahota, and GBTIF, for their very kind invitation to Master Choi to present the Masterclass, and for the fantastic efforts of the members of GBITF for their excellent organisation and administration on the day.

The ITF would also like to thank all participants for their continued support. President Choi looks forward very much to the next event at which he can see and meet them all again.

Written by: - 26th September 2005

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