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Coaches, Mr. Don Dalton, 6th Dan (Ireland) and Mr. Fabio Caiazzo, 5th Dan (Italy) have today announced the team that will represent Europe at the forthcoming Intercontinental Cup between the Americas and Europe. The event will be hosted by Argentina on October 8, during the ITF PanAmerican Championships.

Team Europe will consist of: Mr. Nicholas Panteli 5th Dan, England (Captain) Mr. Lee Hollingsworth 4th Dan, Holland Mr. Padraig O Connor 2nd Dan, Ireland Mr. Vincenzo Santagatti 2nd Dan, Italy and Mr. Bachir Fakhouri 2nd Dan, England.

Career Highlights:

Mr. Panteli:
ITF World Championships, Team Power, Silver (2001) ITF World Championships, +80kg Sparring, Bronze, (Korea, 2004) ITF World Championships, (Team), Silver x 2, Bronze x 2, (Korea, 2004) Open European Championships Sparring (Junior), Gold (1997) BUTF Championships Gold, 1998, 1999
Mr. Hollingsworth:
ITF World Championships (Argentina) Gold , Silver and Team Bronze x 3. ITF World Championships (Korea) Team Silver x 2, Team Bronze x 2. ITF Europeans (Spain) Bronze, Team Bronze.  
BTC Championships 1998 2002 Gold. GTF Championships 2001 2002 Gold. UKTA Opens 2000 Gold x 2. Imperial English Opens 2000 2005 Gold.  Imperial Scottish Opens 2000 2005 Gold. USA Opens 2003 Gold x 2. Norway Opens 2003 Silver. All Stars Open 2003 Gold.  UKITF 2004 Gold x 2. Master Choi Cup (Canada) Silver. Clash of the Titans 2005 Team Silver. FULL Contact 4 0 2.

Mr. O Connor:
ITF World Championships, Gold, -80kg (Korea, 2004) ITF World Championships, Team, Bronze x 2, (Korea, 2004) ITF Junior World Championships, Gold, Sparring (Argentina, 2002) WKA World Championships, Silver -80kg, (Italy, 2002) WKA World Championships Junior Gold, Sparring (Austria, 2001) WKA World Cup, Junior Gold Sparring, (Germany, 2001) Open European TKD Championships, Gold, Junior Sparring (UK, TAGB, 2001) Open World TKD Championships, Junior Gold Sparring, (Holland, 2000 TAGB) Open World TKD Championships Junior Team Gold, (Holland, 2000 TAGB) AIMAA World Championships, Junior Gold Sparring (2000, Ireland) Elite Team Championships, Gold (UK, 2004) GTI British Championships, Gold, -80kg, Sparring (UK, 2004) Celtic Cup Team Champions (Ireland, 2004) ITF German Open Championships, Gold x 2, -80kg and Team Sparring (2003) 03 GTI English Championships, Gold, -80kg, Sparring, (UK, 2003) BUTF British Championships, Gold -81kg, (England, 2002) IUTF  Irish National Champion, 1997, 1998 (Junior) 2001-2004 (Senior)

Mr. Santagatti:
ITF Junior World Championships, Power, Bronze (Argentina, 2002) ITF Junior World Championships, Team Special, Silver (Argentina, 2002) ITF World Championships: Special, Bronze (Korea 2004) ITF World Championships, Team Sparring, Silver (Korea 2004). Spanish Open FITE  Championships, Sparring, Bronze -80kg (2003). Open Irish Championships, Sparring Gold +80kg (2003) The Celtic Cup, Team Sparring, Gold (Ireland, 2003) Summer Cup, Team Sparring, Gold (Italy 2004) Summer Cup, Sparring, Gold +80kg (Italy 2005) Summer Cup, Team Sparring, Gold (2005) Patterns, Bronze (Italy 2005). Italian Championships Regional Meeting, Sparring, Gold +80kg (Italy 2005)

Mr. Bachir Fakhouri
1996 WKA Champion, 1997 England (W) v India, BOPIO Challenge 1997 European Open Champion1998 BUTF English Sparring Champion 1998 BUTF British Sparring Silver 1999 BUTF English Sparring Champion 2000 UK Kickboxing Challenge Cup Gold Medallist 2005 UK Freestyle Open Continuous Division Gold, Point Stop Division Gold.

For more information on Team Europe, please contact Mr. Dalton or Mr. Caiazzo.

Written by: Mrs. P. Dalton - 20th September 2005

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