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Fourth Annual ATFI Patterns Seminar and Dan Testing
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July 23rd and 24th were exciting and busy days for Nunezís TaeKwon-Do Studio. Master Nunez hosted and instructed the FOURTH ANNUAL PATTERNS SEMINAR in Odessa, Texas. In addition to the grueling two day patterns seminar, Black Belt Test were conducted both Friday and Saturday evenings. Friday evening the stage was set for upcoming I Dans. The candidates, nervous as expected, held their composure and displayed their talent and skill. Saturday evening was a packed house at Nunezís TKD with 14 testing, ranging from II Dan to VI Dan. The evening was filled with jumps, breaks and proficiency. Several of the candidates tested spent the entire day at the ATFI patterns seminar training, only to arrive to the test with smiles on their face and a limp in their stride. Their unrelenting dedication to TKD is commendable. Not to mention the unbelievable devotion of the elite group testing candidates ranging from 50+ to 60+ years of age. They make it hard to ever complain about a difficult training session.

Both Black Belt Tests were victorious. Each candidate showed their aptitude, knowledge, athleticism Ė hats off.

The Fourth Annual ATFI Patterns Seminar was a great success. The Black Belt turnout was awe-inspiring, an impressive. To have that number of upper ranks performing patterns in unison was a great site to see. I, II, III, IV, V and VI Dans were in attendance. Several states were present and well represented Texas, Oklahoma, Montana, Alaska, Florida, Tennessee, Missouri, and Colorado. The camaraderie was bubbling and the excitement to train together was overwhelming. The two days were filled with an intense, physically draining work out. However, everyone in attendance never faltered, and showed such great dedication to learning, perfecting and polishing their patterns.

Master Nunez and Nunezís TaeKwon-Do would like to say THANK YOU to all the black belt testing candidates, participants at the patterns seminar, and to the families who support the Tae Kwon-Do practitioners - without you their success would not be possible.

Testing Results:

Promoted to:
6 Dan - Mr. Charles McGinnis ( New Mexico)
6 Dan - Mr. Franklin Primm (Tennessee)
5 Dan - Mr. Dwight Rambo (Texas)
5 Dan - Mr. Stephen Bayliss (New Mexico)
5 Dan - Ms. Becca Montano (New Mexico)
4 Dan - Mr. Stephen Cross (Texas)
2 Dan - Mr. Michael Morgan (Texas)
2 Dan - Dr. John Weaver (Texas)
2 Dan - Mrs. Sabina Hyden (Texas)
2 Dan - Ms. Mandy Salgado (Texas)
2 Dan - Mr. Bill Bell (Texas)
2 Dan - Mr. Michael Van Stavern (Texas)
2 Dan - Mr. Chris Kincholoe (Texas)
2 Dan - Mr. Josh Moore (Texas)

Looking forward to next yearís event, hope to see you there.

Nunezís Tae Kwon-Do Studio, Odessa, Texas

Written by: Nunezís Tae Kwon-Do Studio - 13th August 2005

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