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IIC 2020 Germany
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On Saturday 29th February and Sunday 1st March ITF held a two day International Instructor Course with GM Trevor Nicholls and Master Parm Rai in Herne, Germany.

The event was supported by students from Spain, Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland, UK, Canada, Moldova, Ukraine, Netherlands, Italy and Germany.

The day started with the introduction of the master who were present (Master Parm Rai, Master Jan Nycek, Master Steve Zondag, Master Hennie Thijssen, Master JB McCarthy, Master Henry O Neill, Master Jimmy Dowling, Master Fernando Perez, Master Domenico de Simone and  Master Leon van der Putten).

The first part of the IIC was dedicated to power and sine wave. The students had great fun and their fitness was tested by the number of repetitions of the many techniques shown by Master Rai.

After the lunch break the second part was dedicated to patterns. Master Rai explained different movements in patterns and how to develop power and strength. All participants had the honour to watch and learn from all 6thdegrees doing Tong Il. Back on the floor, participants were performing colour belt patterns like Chon Ji, Dan Gun, DoSan. 4 participants from 4 different countries were asked to perform Dan Gun in front of the group to demonstrate power and technique. 

Patterns like Yon Gae, Ko Dang, Eui Am and Kwang Gae were also topic of the day.

At the end of the day participants had the opportunity to ask question, about patterns, movements, procedures and Taekwon-Do history.

Day 2 started with a warm up held by Mr Otto van Elzelingen from the Netherlands. After a short review of Day 1 GM Trevor Nicholls and Master Glenn Horan arrived from the UK.

Straight back into patterns, the participants were asked to perform more patterns, including Gae Baek, Hwa Rang, Sam Il, in front of all the masters. GM Nicholls mentioned that it is very important that you should never lose your individuality while performing a pattern. 

GM Nicholls assisted by all Masters took the different degrees to work on the relevant patterns. 

We would like to thank the ITF, GM Nicholls, Master Parm Rai and Master Glenn Horan for supporting and to make it to a successful event.

Thank you to all masters from all the different countries for your help!

We are looking forward to the next event!


Written by: Gérard Galinski - 10th March 2020

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