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Umpire workshop with Master F. Perez ITF Spain
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The workshop was under the leadership of Master Fernando Perez VII Dan ITF Spain.

22 participants took us up on our invitation and were regaled with a host of information and explanation during the workshop.

It was particularly interesting for all to experience such an intensive and varied seminar and discussion which involved many different themes from the world of refereeing in just four and a half hours.

Master Perez fielded questions from the group with great interest and enthusiasm.

Our younger and less experienced participants had questions which were handled in great detail by Master Perez, but our more experiences participants also got their share of the time.

After the end of the workshop and during the subsequent photo shoot we already got first positive feedback,
 such as

"A very good, intensive and interesting workshop... we would have loved to be able to go on longer..."

and had the first queries about upcoming events where it would be possible to continue and build on what was learnt today.

German-ITF e. V.  regularly offers national referee courses and seminars. Please ask to find out the dates.

Many thanks to Master Fernando Perez and all participants.


Written by: German-ITF e.V. - 22nd November 2015

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