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ITF meet with Kukkiwon
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The president of ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation), Choi Jung Hwa, received the invitation of the Chairman of Board of Directors of Kukkiwon, Hong Moon Jong, and visited KUKKIWON in October 7, 2015.

The officials of ITF and KUKKIWON shared pleasant conversation about the development and the history of Taekwondo.


KUKKIWON prepared the Taekwondo performance for the president and the officials of ITF. The president of ITF, Choi Jung Hwa, saw the performance with executives of headquarters, Volmir Ligay, Trevor Nichols and Jung Chan Kuk (Chris-J).


The president of ITF, Choi Jung Hwa, and the president of KUKKIWON, Jeong Man Sun, decided to make an effort for the development and the globalization of Taekwondo and to form business committee with workers of both institutions for seeking the way of mutual development.

Written by: ITF-Korea - 19th October 2015

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